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Best St. Patrick's Day Jokes | Irish Jokes for Adults and Kids 2024

Prepare for a delightful journey into the world of laughter as we bring you the best St. Patrick's Day jokes suitable for both adults and kids! Whether you're looking to tickle your own funny bone or share a chuckle with the little leprechauns in your life, our collection has something for everyone.

From clever quips that will have the adults in stitches to kid-friendly jokes that are as sweet as a pot of gold, we've gathered a treasure trove of humor to make your St. Patrick's Day celebration even more memorable. So, grab a shamrock, get ready to giggle, and let the Irish laughter begin!

These are the best short Irish jokes you will find. Irish jokes are famous all over the world, good and bad. Irish people are known for their innate sense of humor. As part of our dedicated Irish Jokes section, what we've provided below is a sort of shuttle-stop foundation for Irish jokes for adults and kids. If you want to blend in with the locals, check out these hilarious Irish jokes that will make the whole pub laugh. This is dedicated to bringing you the best Irish humour and Irish jokes out there. Here you will get funny Irish jokes and you can send to your family and friends.

A good laugh always helps, and more so when it is celebration time. On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, enjoy-n-forward these Irish jokes, for jokes are for sharing. Hopefully these Irish jokes give you a bit of a laugh and brighten up your day. Enjoy your St. Patrick's day with these Irish Jokes.

Irish Jokes and St. Patrick's Day One Liners

Riddles related to St. Patrick's Day

What kind of bow can't be tied? A rainbow.

What type of shoes do leprechauns wear? They prefer buckled shoes.

What is Irish and stays out all night? A patio furniture.

What is at the end of the rainbow? The letter "W".

What do you call a fake Irish stone? A sham-rock.

What did one shamrock say to the other? "What's the craic?" (which means "what's happening?" in Irish slang)

What kind of music do leprechauns listen to? Sham-rock and roll.

What is Irish and always wants to fight? Patty O'Furniture.

Why did the leprechaun refuse to give a refund? He's always a little green when it comes to money.

What do you call a leprechaun who plays basketball? A lepre-slam-dunk.

Jokes related to St. Patrick's Day

Why did the leprechaun turn down the bowl of soup? He already had a pot of gold!

St. Patrick's Day Jokes

Why don't you iron a four-leaf clover? You don't want to press your luck!

What do you call a fake stone in Ireland? A sham-rock!

Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland? He couldn't afford plane tickets!

Why do people wear green on St. Patrick's Day? So they don't get pinched!

What do you get when you cross a shamrock and a vampire? A leprechaun who loves to drink Bloody Marys!

How did the leprechaun beat the Irishman in a race? He took a shortcut through the four-leaf clover field!

What do you call a big Irish spider? A Paddy long legs!

What do you call a lazy kangaroo on St. Patrick's Day? A sham-roo!

What is the favorite vegetable of leprechauns? Four-leaf clovers!

St. Patrick's Day jokes on drunk man into the church

St. Patrick's Day One-liners

Irish you a happy St. Patrick's Day!

Why do leprechauns laugh when they play soccer? The grass tickles their balls.

I can't wait to have a shamrockin' good time on St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is the one day a year when it's okay to be green with envy.

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light, may good luck pursue you each morning and night.

I'm so Irish, I put the "pot" in "potato."

What do you call an Irishman who can't spell? Rick O'Shea.

I don't need luck, I'm Irish.

Why don't you ever iron a four-leaf clover? You don't want to press your luck!

Why did the leprechaun go to the jail? He was charged with theft and stealing someone's pot of gold.

More Irish jokes, riddles and one-liners

Here's a recipe for St. Patrick's Day Irish stew:
  • Get some meat, some potatoes, onions, peas, spinach and a lot of Guinness.
  • Drink all of the beer.
  • Forget about the stew.
Why are the Irish so concerned with Global Warming? They’re into green living.
What kind of music should you listen to on St. Patrick’s Day? Sham-rock and roll.
Two Irishmen looking for work see a sign that reads TREE FELLERS WANTED. “Oh, now, look at that,” said Paddy. “What a pity there's only de two of us!”
“Hello, Pan American Airlines?” said Big Mick Lonegan. “Could ye be tellin' me how long it takes to fly from Boston to Dublin?”
The voice on the telephone said “I'll see sir, just a minute.” “Ahh, 'tis fast. Thank ye,” Mick said as he hung up.
James said to his friend Daniel, "I know a girl who married an Irishman on St. Patrick's Day."
Daniel said, "Oh really?"
James said, "No, O'Reilly."
Q: Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day?
A: Regular rocks are too heavy.
Q: What do you call a leprechaun who gets sent to jail? A: A lepre-con!
Murphy : "Why do the Irish always answer a question with another question?".
Smith: "Do we now?"
Q: What do you call a big Irish spider?
A: Paddy-long-legs.
Conor, the barber, was hearing complaints from his present trimmee about the price of barbers' services. "I tell you, Conor, these New York barbers gotta stranglehold on the citizens. I was in London just last week, and you charge me half again what they charge there." "That may be true, Sir," said the Irishman, "but think of the airfare."
Q: Why did the leprechaun climb over the rainbow?
A: To get to the other side!

Irish jokes

Q: What do you call a leprechaun who gets sent to jail?
A: A lepre-con!
Q: Why did God invent whiskey?
A: So the Irish would never rule the world.
A cop pulls up two Irish drunks, and says to the first, "What's your name and address?" "I'm Daniel, of no fixed address." The cop turns to the second drunk, and asks the same question. "I'm Shane, and I live in the flat above Daniel."
Jordan sat in a Belfast confessional. "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned," he said. "I've blown up three hundred miles of English railroad!" "All right, my son," admonished the priest. "For penance, do the stations!"
Q: Why do leprechauns hate running?
A: They’d rather jig than jog!
Q: How did the leprechaun beat the Irishman to the pot of gold?
A:He took a shortcut!

Irish Joke on Jealous Shamrock

An English man and an Irish man are driving head on at night, on a twisty, dark road. Both are driving too fast for the conditions and collide on a sharp bend in the road. To the amazement of both, they are unscathed, though their cars are both destroyed. In celebration of their luck, both agree to put aside their dislike for the other from that moment on. At this point, the Irish man goes to the boot and fetches a 12 year old bottle of Jameson whiskey. He hands the bottle to the English man, who toasts, "May the English and the Irish live together forever, in peace, and harmony.'' The English man then tips the bottle and lashes half of it down. Still flabbergasted over the whole thing, he goes to hand the bottle to the Irish man, who replies: ''No thanks, I'll just wait till the Garda get here!''
Who’s there?
Irish who?
Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Q: How is a good friend like a four-leaf clover?
A: They’re hard to find!
Q: How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time?
A: He's Dublin over with laughter!
Michael wakes up in hospital, covered in bandages, and notices Adam sitting at his bedside. "What happened to me?" asks Michael.
"Well," replies Seamus, "you had a few too many drinks last night, and then you made a bet that you could jump out of the window and fly around the pub."
"Why didn't you stop me?" Michael screams.
"Stop you?" replies Adam. "Hell, I bet thirty dollars on you."
Mick and Paddy were walking in Covent Garden in London. It was their first week in the capital and they were a bit naïve.

'Lord above Paddy, this is a great city,' says Mick.
'Why's that Mick?' responds Paddy.

'Well, to be sure,' explains Mick, 'where else in the world would a complete stranger come up to you, make idle chat, invite you to dinner and then offer you to spend the night at their house?'

'Begorrah, ' splutters Paddy, 'did that happen to you?'
'No,' says Mick, 'but it happens to my beautiful sister all the time.'

Irish Jokes

A ventriloquist is telling Irish jokes in Davy Byrne's pub in Grafton Street, Dublin, when, O'Leary, an irate Irishman stands up shouting, 'You're making out we're all dumb and stupid. I oughtta punch you in the nose.'

'I'm sorry sir, I...........'

'Not you,' says O'Leary, 'I'm talking to that little fella on your knee.'

Two Irish mothers, Kate and Lorna were talking about their sons.

Kate says, 'My Patrick is such a saint. He works hard, doesn't smoke, and he hasn't so much as looked at a woman in over two years.'

Lorna responds, 'Well, my Francis is a saint himself. Not only hasn't he not looked at a woman in over three years, but he hasn't touched a drop of liquor in all that time.'

'My word,' says Kate, 'You must be so proud.'

'I am,' announces Lorna, 'And when he's paroled next month, I'm going to throw him a big party.'

St. Patrick's Day Jokes on Drunk-o-meter

Kieran O'Connor always slept with his gun under his pillow. Hearing a noise at the foot of the bed, he shot off his big toe.

'Thank the Lord I wasn't sleeping at the other end of the bed,' Kieran said to his friends in Donegal's pub. 'I would have blown my head off.'

Donncha and MacArthur are preparing to be blasted into space and have just left the mission briefing when one turns to the other and says, 'Mac, where are we goin?'

MacArthur replies, 'Well Donncha, the man in charge said we are on a mission to the sun.'

'OK,' says Donncha, he thinks for a while and then asks, 'Won't it be a bit hot, it being the sun and all?'

'Don't be stupid, Donncha,' says MacArthur, 'the man said we'd be going at night.'

Paddy Was driving his lorry when he saw a bridge with a sign saying 10 foot max. headroom. He slowed down wondering if he could drive under it or not , 'A shure I'll give it a go, he thought only to find that his lorry got stuck underneath it.

Paddy sat back in his seat, poured out a cup of tea and lit a cigarette. A policeman arrived a short time later and knocked on the cab door which Paddy then opened, 'what do you think you are doing? asked the policeman in a sharp tone, 'Sure I'm having me tea break, replied Paddy, 'And what do you work at? asked the policeman, 'Agh shure I deliver bridges,! smiled

1st Irish Farmer: My cow fell down a hole and I had to shoot it.

2nd Irish Farmer: Did you shoot it in the hole?

First Irish Farmer: No, in the head.

An Irishman, by the name of O'Malley proposed to his girl on St. Patrick's Day. He gave her a ring with a synthetic diamond. The excited young lass showed it to her father, a jeweller. He took one look at it and saw it wasn't real.

The young lass on learning it wasn't real returned to her future husband. She protested vehemently about his cheapness.

'It was in honour of St. Patrick's Day, 'he smiled.

'I gave you a sham rock.'

O'Malley was leaving his favourite bar when he was run over by a bus. He gets to the gates of heaven and St. Peter tells him he cannot enter unless he passes a test. What choice did he have, O'Malley agrees to try as he never was the brightest bulb in the box.

St. Peter decides to go easy on him, 'What has 5 fingers and is made of black leather?' he asks. O'Malley scratches his head, thinks hard and finally gives up. 'It's a glove says St. Peter.'

Let's try again. 'What has 10 fingers and is made of black leather?' asks St. Peter. O'Malley is clearly stumped. After a few minutes of pacing in a circle and scratching his head, O'Malley gives up. 'Why it's 2 gloves - don't you see 10 fingers, black leather, says St. Peter amazed.' Being in a generous mood, St. Peter decides to give O'Malley yet another chance but thinking of an even easier question.

'Who is the patron Saint of Ireland?' asks St. Peter, thinking he can't miss this.
'It wouldn't be 3-gloves, would it?' says O'Malley.

Two Irishmen had just won $5000,000 in a lottery. Having a pint in a pub Tim say to Sean, what about all them begin letters, Sean replies, we'll just keep sending them.
The local District Judge had given the defendant a lecture on the evils of drink. But in view of the fact that this was the first time the man had been drunk and incapable, the case was dismissed on payment of ten shillings costs. "Now don't let me ever see your face again," said the Justice sternly as the defendant turned to go. "I'm afraid I can't promise that, sir," said the released man. "And why not?" Because I'm the barman at your regular pub!
'I had an accident opening a can of alphabeti spaghetti this morning,' said Murphy.

'Were you injured?' inquired Seamus.

'No, but it could have spelled disaster,' concluded Murphy.

St. Patrick's Day joke on Irish Special Force

A young Irishman sat at a pub in the New World drinking beer and conversin' with the barkeep. Another comes in and sits besides him. He says how you do and hears the lilt and says you be Irish? Yes I am. The first man yells barkeep give us another round and one for my friend here he's from the mother country as well. The second man asks-so where in the old country ye from. Dublin responds the first. Dublin you say - so am I and the second man hollers barkeep bring us another round and a shot of your best Irish Whiskey for me and my friend here. Afterwards the first man asks from where in Dublin and the second man responds with the street and the first man says well I'll be - so am I and yells barkeep another pair of beers and Irish Whiskey for the pair of us. The phone behind the bar rings and the barkeep answers it. The owner of the pub asks - how is business. The barkeep responds - not too bad - The O'Malley twins are here getting drunk again.
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