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St. Patrick's Day Parades

St. Patrick's Day Parades

The historical St. Patrick’s Day parades were simpler affairs. Irish soldiers marched down New York’s street in this after serving in the English Army in America. It became a community affair for the Irish later on as all the Irish women, children and men participated in the parades. It showed their strengths as well.

St. Patrick’s Day parades slowly but surely had become an important affair. It proved that Irish people are major players in the game of numbers in the American Democracy. To increase their vote banks local politicians had accepted their power and had also acknowledged underprivileged Irish immigrants as a powerful vote banks. St. Patrick’s Day parades had helped Irish to overcome racial prejudice and national stereotypes.

Now, St. Patrick’s Day parades have become a serious way of celebrating the occasion with concerts, parties and Irish music all over the world.

Birmingham is the city which holds a massive and biggest parade in Britain. Revelers walk together for 3 km through the city center. Organizers proudly declare this parade of Birmingham as the 3rd biggest parade of the world after Dublin and New York.
The city of London is not very far away if celebrations are concerned. Since 2002, the city organizes an annual party on the very special St. Patrick’s Day and number of participants in the parade is ever increasing.

If you are concerned about the age-old Irish celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day, then there is no better place to watch the splendor of the parade than Liverpool in Britain. Presence of most numbers of Irish people in Britain makes this place the best destination for you to catch a glimpse of the party, held with melodious Irish music and cultural events.

The city of Manchester and Coatbridge are the places with large groups of Irish residents. So, it’s quite obvious that the celebrations continue in these places with a lot of excitement and gaiety. Both these cities look different while city dwellers walk together in the parades on St. Patrick’s Day.

Besides Glasgow, St. Patrick’s Day parades are held in 9 different cities of Japan. Organized by the Irish Network Japan in 1992, the first parade in Japan was held in Tokyo.

Even though the celebration moods and fun are same across all the cities of the world but definitely few cities take the front seats in drawing attention of the visitors and Irish crowds.

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To watch the time-honored and long-established St. Patrick’s Day parades at your home, just see these videos.

St. Patrick’s Day Parades Videos

St. Patrick's Day Parade Dublin Ireland 17th March 2018

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2018 St Patrick's Day Parade

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St Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin - 2014

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Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade - 2014

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Dundalk, Ireland, St.Patricks Day Parade - 2014

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Saint Patrick's day parade, New York - 2014

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