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Hunt for a pot of gold

Wonderful for a St Patrick's Day party at home

Hunt for a pot of gold

pot of gold
Draw, or, ask your parent to draw a simple map of your house.

Take a plastic jar, say a cookie jar.

Now, write " POT OF GOLD" using a marker pen on a piece of poster board.

Stick the piece on the lid of the jar. You can fill the jar with potato chips, or any other snack.

Stick the map on the wall of the starting room so everyone can see it. Now, line up all your friends in the starting room. Ask your parent, or, the eldest member in the gathering to hide the POT OF GOLDsomewhere in your house.
Ask the one who hid the jar to call out when ready. The one who discovers it first should call out with, say, "EUREKA !"
Now it's your time to go for the treasure hunt.

Ask your friends to spread into different parts either in single, or in pair, or, in small batches. Look up every nook and corner, crawl under the coaches, dining table, behind the kitchen closet, under the sink, behind the potted plant in the hall way. And everywhere else you think a possible hiding place. Now, see which one of you calls out first. Allow the discoverer to start with the snack.

The rest will join later.

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