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Create a magic box that brings good luck!

Surprise your friends with the Magic Box that brings them good luck!

You need:
1 large recycled box
1 small recycled box
sticky tape
marker pen
PVA glue
green color sticky back plastic
the 'good luck' stuff
(like a plastic clover leaf, or, anything that
the small box can hold well)

Time to get started:
step1 To make the Magic Box, tape the ends of the boxes closed. Cut the top (one of the flatter faces) off the small box. Use the marker pen and ruler to draw a line along one long and
two short edges of the large box.
step2 Cut along these lines carefully to make a hinged lid on the large box.
By the way, did I tell you to empty the boxes before you get started? Oops, oh well!
step3Do the same to the other side of the large box but make sure,
this time the hinged lid is on the opposite edge.
You must get this right, or the Magic Box will lose its magical charm.
step4Tape, glue the small box securely to the inside of one of the hinged lids.
But no nailing please.
The opened top of the small box must face where the lid is hinged.
So when the lid is opened the closed back face up the free end.
step5Cover the box with sticky-back plastic. Cut two strips of plastic to make tabs.
Fix tabs to the outside edge of the lids, fold in half and fix to the inside edge.
Put the stuff that you think brings good luck in the smaller box.
step6 Now it's magic time!
Place the box on the table.
The lid containing the small box has to be on the bottom
with the tab nearest you.
Hold on to both tabs because you are about to open the box.
step7 Raise the box and pull on the tabs to open both lids.
Say to your friends:
This box is empty - but not for long.
Lay the box on the table.
Ask your friends to pray for the leprechaun,
(as if he would come and place the good luck stuff inside)
It will add a real dramatic effect.
spacerstep8 The lid containing the clover leaf should be on the bottom.
Turn the box around, hold the tab and lift the lid. Hold up the leaf to the audience.

To get this trick right takes lots of practice.
You should be so familiar with it that the audience
are not even aware that you turn the box around in step 8.
One wrong move and the leaf( or the pot of gold) will come
tumbling out for all the world to see!
To make this trick really impressive, ask your friends in the audience
to lend you their watch, wallet or sunglasses.
Their mouth will drop when they see their object disappear and then reappear.

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