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More Crafts for St. Patrick's day

Leprechaun Wishes Necklace

Materials needed:
green construction paper

How to make:
Print out (or draw your own) shamrock shape.

Punch a hole in the shamrock, attach yarn and create a St. Patrick's Day necklace.

Leprechaun Heads

Materials needed:
assorted sizes of potatoes
assortment of skin tone tempera paints
12" X 18" paper

How to make:
Cut potatoes in half horizontally and vertically so that you have a selection of shapes and sizes. (Teacher or parent should do this!)

Children choose shapes and skin tone paints (a variety) and place potato prints on paper.

You may stress overlapping, placement, composition, etc..

Allow these prints to dry.

Then, ask children to create a "family" or group of leprechauns by adding features, clothing, details of other kinds.

You may use a medium as simple as crayons or vary this by using collage materials.

Stress the color green.

This is also a good opportunity to talk about expressions: mischievous, surprised, etc. and how you may want to make your leprechauns look.

This "leprechaun family portrait" may be a simplified to a single leprechaun for younger children.

This lesson can be modified for other occasions as well!

Potato Face

Materials needed:
A brown paper grocery bag (or brown construction paper)
Various colors of construction paper
A pencil

How to make:

Using the brown paper bag (or the brown construction paper), have the child cut out a potato shape -- it must be at least as big as your hand or it will be too hard to glue the facial features on it.

Cut out the eyes (the whites plus the darker inner part), a nose, a mouth, hair, a bowtie, and any other desired features.

Glue the features onto the brown paper potato head.

You now have a potato face to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Torn Paper Shamrock

Materials needed:
1) Green construction paper - 1 sheet.
2) Contrasting paper - 1 large sheet.
3) Pencil.
4) Glue.

How to make:

1) Tear green construction paper into 1/2" small square pieces.
2) Using pencil, draw a large shamrock shape in the middle of the contrasting paper sheet.
3) Apply glue around the entire inner surface of the design and spread.
4) Paste the torn green paper bits over the shamrock design.
5) Allow the glue some time to dry completely.
6) When the glue has dried, cut out the green paper filled shamrock design. Tuck it onto your festive hat.

Lucky Irish Charm

Materials needed:
1) Green polymer clay.
2) Paper clip.
3) Pencil.
4) Glue.

How to make:
1) Spread out the green polymer clay and make three balls of 1" thickness out of it.
2) Form each ball into a heart-shaped leaflet joining the pointed ends together until they stick.
3) Place one end of a paper clip over the fused points and secure in place with a flattened piece of clay to make the shamrock stem.
4) Flip the shamrock. Use the pencil to draw a center crease in each leaflet.
5) Bake the clay as per the manufacturer's directions given in the back of the package.
6) Leave the clay to cool awhile.
7) Slip the paper clip end onto a split key ring. Step out with your lucky Irish charm.

Leprechaun Hat

Materials needed:
1) Green construction paper.
2) White construction paper.
3) Yellow construction paper.
4) Black construction paper.
5) A pair of scissors.
6) Glue.
7) Markers/crayons.
8) Black band (optional).
9) Leprechaun gold (optional).
10) Shamrocks (optional).

How to make:
1) Draw a large oval hat brim shape on the green paper.
2) Draw a hat crown shape on the green paper.
3) Fold out the flaps on the hat crown.
4) Make a slit along the middle of the hat brim shape.
5) Pass the hat crown through the brim. Fasten the flaps in position.
6) Decorate the hat with a a black band, leprechaun gold, shamrocks and a greeting card!

Pot of Gold

Materials Needed:
1) A small plastic bowl.
2) Black Paint (preferably spray paint or acrylic paint)
3) Black Pony Beads - 4.
4) Craft Glue.
5) Corrugated Cardboard.
6) Yellow/Gold Paint (preferably spray paint or acrylic paint).
7) Gold Glitter.
8) Paint Brush.
9) Cotton Swab.
10) A pair of scissors.

How to make:
1) Colour the inner and outer surface of the bowl with black paint. Apply two or three coats to paint well.
2) Keep the bowl for some time to dry.
3) When the paint has dried, use glue to stick the beads onto the bottom of the pot in a feet-shaped design.
4) Cut small circles of different shapes out of corrugated cardboard.
5) Paint the corrugated cardboard circles with yellow or gold paint to look like coins.
6) When the paint dries, apply a thin coat of paint to each coin with the cotton swab or an old paint brush.
7) Sprinkle gold glitter on the wet paint and allow time to dry.
8) Repeat the process for the reverse side of each coin.
9) Use glitter glue/glitter paint to make the coins sparkle more (optional).
10) Fill your leprechaun pot with the gold coins. You can use this as a home decoration during St. Patrick's Day or even use as the prize for a kids' treasure hunt.

Pompom Shamrock

Materials Needed:
1) Pompoms - 3, green-coloured.
2) Pearl bead - 1 (or any bead of your choice).
3) Green chenille stem - A 2ΒΌ inch long piece.
4) Tacky glue.

1) Curve the end of the green chenille stem.
2) Slightly bend up the rest of the chenille stem to form a stem shape.
3) Dab the bent end of the stem with a little amount of tacky glue.
4) Use your fingers to press the three pompoms into place around the glue. Drop a little glue in between the pompoms to hold them firmly in position.
5) Slip the pearl bead onto the tip of the chenille stem, between the pompoms. Your pompom shamrock is ready.

Paper Plate Leprechaun Hat

Materials Needed:
1) Small Paper Plate - 1.
2) Paper Cup - 1.
3) Green Paint.
4) Glue.
5) Black construction paper - 1 sheet.
6) A pair of scissors.

1) Apply green paint onto the paper plate and the outer surface of the cup.
2) When the paint dries, turn the cup upside down and stick in the middle of the paper plate bottom with glue.
3) Cut out of the black construction paper a 1" thick strip long enough to enwrap the cup where it is glued onto the paper plate.
4) Glue the black strip around the cup to form the band on the hat.
5) Your Leprechaun Hat is ready. Wear it and act as a funny leprechaun for your friends.

Leprechaun Hats

You need :
Green Gift Wrap 
Beach Bucket 
Masking Tape 
Old Belt (or paper or cloth strip)

Instructions :
Measure around the rim of the bucket with the belt and punch another hole and cut off the extra piece of belt. Loop belt into a circle and buckle the belt. If you are using paper bags, open up the sides and cut off the bottoms. Tape them together. Place paper centered over the upside-down beach bucket. Press paper down with hands around bucket to shape. Place looped belt over the top and push down to the bottom of the bucket near the rim securing the paper in place. Remove the hat from bucket.

Leprechaun Poem Craft

You need :
Neon Green Foam Frames 
Poem (you can write it yourself)
Foamie Shamrocks 
Tacky Glue
Card Stock 
Magnet or Cardboard Easels

Instructions :
Print the poem on the card stock. Trim and glue behind the frame so that the poem shows through the opening of the frame. Decorate the frame by gluing foam shamrocks and sequins around the outside. Add magnets or easels, if required.

Shamrock Trinket Box

You need :
57 Craft Sticks
Green Paint and Brush
4 Large Heart Woodsies
or Foamie Shapes
Tacky Glue

Instructions :

Paint the four large woodsies green. Let it dry. Line up 12 craft sticks. Glue a 13th and 14 stick lengthwise across the top and bottom to hold them together. This will become the top. Make another set. This will become the bottom. Add two more stick on either side of the bottom lengthwise pieces to start building the sides. Continue adding stick alternating the top and bottom with the side until you have eight sitcks stacked. Let it dry. Glue the four hearts on the top in the shape of a shamrock.

Blarney Stone Craft

You need :
A smooth, clean river rock 
Green paint 
Glitter, sequins, plastic jewels, googly eyes, bits of yarn, etc. 

Instructions :

1.Make sure your rock is clean and dry. Paint the rock green.
2.After the paint dries, decorate your rock with glitter, beads, sequins, plastic jewels, bits of yarn, googly eyes, or other interesting items.
3.When the paint and glue are dry, add facial features like eyebrows etc. using markers. Your very own Blarney Stone is now ready!

St. Patrick's Day candles

You need :
Pillar candle 
Green ribbon 
Coffee can 
Stickers, cutouts, confetti 
Acrylic paints 
Terra cotta saucer

Instructions :
Melt some paraffin inside a can placed in a pan of hot water (on the stove). Glue stickers, shamrock shaped confetti, cutouts, etc to a pillar candle and brush the melted paraffin over these shapes. Tie an appropriate ribbon around the middle of the candle. Paint the terra cotta saucer white and decorate the saucer in the same way as you did the candle for the holder. Remember to block the hole.

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