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St. Patrick's Rainbow

St. Patrick's Rainbow

A white paper plate
Green and yellow paper (or white paper and black, green and yellow crayons, marker, or paint)
White glue or a glue stick
A hole punch
String (green is best, or you can color white string with a green marker)

Step1 Fold and then cut a white paper plate in half.
Step2 Draw a rainbow on the paper plate with markers, crayons, or paint. Remind that the order of the colors in a rainbow is: Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo (dark blue) - Violet. Also, the red part of the rainbow is always on the top of the arch in a single rainbow.
Punch three holes in the plate: one hole at the top, and a hole on each end of the rainbow.
Step3 Go to the "Shamrock template" and print out on green paper (or print it on white paper and color it in). Or you can just draw your own, of course.

Cut out the shamrock and color it (if necessary) and punch a hole at its top.
Step4 Go to the "Pot of Gold template" and print it out (or just draw your own). Attach the pot of gold and the shamrock to the rainbow with a few inches of green yarn. Attach a few inches of the yarn to the top of the rainbow for hanging.

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