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Dakshinamurti - The Silent Guru



On the Mount Kailas, with Parvati Devi by His side, Lord Siva was sitting in a hall beautifully decorated by precious stones. At that time, Devi worshipped the Lord and requested Him to alter the name of Dakshayani given to her before, for being the daughter of Daksha. This Daksha was killed by Lord Siva for his disrespect and arrogance. On hearing this request Lord Siva ordained that Devi should be born as the daughter of Parvata Raj who was doing rigorous Tapas for getting a child. He also told Parvati that He would come over to her and marry her. Thus ordained, Parvati Devi was born as the child of Parvata Raj and since her fifth year, began to do rigorous Tapas for being the bride of Lord Siva.

During the absence of Devi, when Lord Siva was alone, the sons of Brahma, who are sages Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara, came to have Darsana of Lord Siva and prostrated before Him. They entreated the Lord to teach them the way to remove Avidya and attain salvation. They expressed that in spite of the vast study of scriptures they had no internal peace and they were in need of learning the inner secrets, by knowing which they could attain salvation.

Lord Siva, hearing this appeal made by the sages, assumed the form of Dakshinamurti and remaining as the Guru Supreme, began to teach them the inner secrets by keeping Mouna and showing the Chinmudra by His hand. The sages began to meditate on the lines shown by the Lord and attained the state of inexpressible and illimitable joy. Thus Lord Siva came to be known as Dakshinamurti. May the blessings of Lord Dakshinamurti be upon us all! May you all dive deep and enjoy the everlasting Peace and Bliss through His Grace!

Dakshinamurti is an aspect of Lord Shiva as the supreme teacher and the embodiment of knowledge. The word "Dakshinamurti" is derived from the Sanskrit words "dakshina" (south) and "murti" (form), meaning "the south-facing form." This form of Shiva is depicted as a seated yogi facing south, sitting under a banyan tree, surrounded by sages and disciples.

In the form of Dakshinamurti, Lord Shiva imparts spiritual wisdom and knowledge through silence (mouna). He communicates profound truths without using words, and his teachings are transmitted through his divine presence and silence. This form of Shiva symbolizes the guru or spiritual teacher who enlightens his disciples through inner wisdom and the realization of the ultimate truth.

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