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Shivratri Craft Ideas

Maha Shivaratri is basically an occassion for holy observances, rituals, shibboleths and bhajans (religious songs). But while the elders keep busy with the traditions, you sure can get yourself engaged in an artistic celebration of the festival. Check the easy craftmaking instructions below to construct some fabulous crafts perfectly suited to the spirit of Shivaratri. If you like these Shivaratri Craft Ideas, click here and refer them to your friends. Celebrate Shivaratri with TheHolidaySpot!

Implement these wonderful craft ideas to make lovely decoration/gift items on Shivaratri

Make Shiva's Trident (Trishul)

Instructions: Take a hard board or a thermocol ( Styrofoam ) board Draw a Trident taking help from the images given here. Use a sketch Pen.

Trident 1
Trident 2
Trident 3

Now cut it out.

Cut out two more pieces for the handle, which will be stuck on both sides of the handle, giving it reinforcement.

Now cover the entire trident with tin foil or silver Paper.

Shiva's Trident is ready!

Make your own Shiva-Linga

Things needed:

Shiv Linga1) Mixing bowl
2) Flour - 1¼ cup.
3) Water - ¾ cups.
4) Vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon.
5) Salt - 1¼ cup.
6) The picture of a Shiva-linga.
7) Black non-toxic paint.

How to make:

1) Pour the flour, water, vegetable oil and salt in the mixing bowl and blend well together using your hands. Form the mixture into a soft dough ball. Add a little water from time to time to make it wet.
2) Sprinkle some flour on the dough. Continue to knead until the dough is smooth and stretchable.
3) Using the picture as a reference, make a shiva-linga with the dough.
4) Apply paint on every bit of the exposed surface of the shiva-linga to entirely colour it in black.
5) When the paint has dried, colour the underside of the craft. Keep it inverted to dry for sometime.
6) You now have your own little shiva-linga. Put it somewhere as a showpiece or you can even use it for worship purposes on Mahashivaratri.

Flower Garland

Materials needed:

Flower garlands1) Elastic thread - 1 spool.
2) Colourful crepe paper.
3) Coloured plastic drinking straws - 6-7.
4) Darning or plastic needle.
5) A pair of scissors.


1) Draw the outline of a small flower on the crepe paper.
2) Cut out the flower shape using scissors.
3) Using the flower shape as a template, cut similar flowers out of the crepe paper.
4) Snip each straw into small parts.
5) Cut a piece of elastic thread as long as you need for your necklace, plus a bit extra for tying.
6) Pass the thread through the eye of the needle. Attach a piece of sticky tape to the thread end to hold in position.
7) Pass flowers and straw pieces alternately through the thread until the length is almost covered.
8) Remove the sticky tape from the end. Secure the two ends by tying them into a knot.
9) Use the craft as a decoration item or place around the neck of an idol of Lord Shiva (provided you have one in your home).


Materials needed:
Damaroo1) A cylindrical container (preferably a large milk can).
2) Electrical tape/masking tape.
3) Pencils - 2.
4) Construction paper.
5) Many tissues.
6) Crayons or colored pencils (optional).
7) Gluestick.

1) Remove the lid of the cylindrical container.
2) Stick several strips of electrical tape/masking tape atop the container in a criss-cross manner until the surface is completely covered.
3) Cut as much construction paper as needed to wrap around the container. Cover the container with the paper and use tape to hold in place.
4) Cover one side of the container with several sheets of construction paper glued together.
5) Drop a small ball or a handful of beads into the container and seal its other end in a similar way.
6) Cut out various shapes from other construction paper and glue them onto the sides of your drum for decoration.
7) Hold the middle of the damaru and rotate it rapidly in alternating directions to produce music.

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