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Chinese New Year Crafts Videos

This is going to be a test of your artistic nature and designing ability. This page, with few Youtube Videos, nevertheless, would guide you through the process of making some excellent crafts for this Chinese New Year. Add your personal creativity and own touch to these crafts to make these pretty and exquisite.

Paper Fan Ornament using Red Packet (Hong Bao Paper)

The colorful Hongbao Paper Fan Ornament would definitely lift up your spirit on this special occasion.

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2. Kirigami Chinese Dragon Pop-up Card

It’s a wonderful way to decorate your home this Chinese New Year with this homemade paper art.

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3. Homemade Lantern

Learn how you can turn red packets and ang pows into a charming handmade lantern for this Chinese New Year.

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4. Chinese Dragon out of Loo Roll Tubes

Make your lucky red dragon and take the help of this video if you are stuck at any point of time.

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