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The science of Chinese Zodiacs is ancient and a large population of the world swears by it. It aims to draw similarities between human traits and animal traits, and thereby draws the likings and dislikings. Please note that there are no ignomity in these comparisons. Rather, the Chinese science points out the greatness of animal traits, which are imbubed in humans. It also points out why some people are always at loggerheads, while some find themselves a perfect match. For example, the Ox is compatible with the snake. Or a Monkey should avoid marrying a tiger. If you want to know more about yourself or your partner and friends, just find your animal sign and discover interesting features about your animal sign and its compatibility. TheHolidaySpot has brought you yet another useful section on Chinese Zodiac matches. So uibrowse through to know if your match is made in a Chinese heaven or not.

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