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Craft Ideas for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Craft Videos

5 DIY decorations for Lunar Chinese New year
5 DIY decorations for Lunar Chinese New year
There are easy tutorials out there that you can follow to make your own DIY lanterns.
Kirigami Chinese Dragon Pop-up Card
Kirigami Chinese Dragon Pop-up Card
It’s a wonderful way to decorate your home this Chinese New Year with this homemade paper art.
Homemade Lantern
DIY Chinese New Year Angpao Lantern
Learn how you can make a charming handmade lantern for this Chinese New Year.
Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon out of Loo Roll Tubes
Make your lucky red dragon and take the help of this video if you are stuck at any point of time.
Its fun to make some cute Chinese New Year crafts at home, which add on to the festival fun greatly. Below are given some craft ideas, exclusively for this New Year. Chinese Lantern - Dancing Lion or Dragon Toy - Tangram Puzzle. Details of these crafts are given below:-
chinese new year crafts
Chinese Lantern
Make a lantern for Chinese New Year!
dancing lion or dragon toy craft for new year
Dancing Lion or Dragon Toy
Traditionally, on Chinese New Year, two people wear a huge lion or dragon costume and dance. This toy is a tiny paper version of this traditional puppet.
ancient chinese puzzle!
Tangram Puzzle
Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle. This activity is sometimes called "seven pieces of cleverness." The object of the puzzle is to rearrange the pieces of a square (the puzzle pieces) to form figures (like a picture of a man) using the tangram pieces.
Chinese Sampan
Chinese Sampan
From early in China’s history, its rivers, lakes and canals were its main highways. Fisherfolk propeled small wooden boats across the water with a single oar or pole at the stern. With the help of few simple steps learn to make miniature Chinese Sampan.

Have fun, and keep the ideas rolling, by sending this page to your friends. You can also send in your ideas at Happy New Year, and have fun!

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