Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

You need: A music player, a table, some chairs(one fewer than the total number of participants).

How to play: Place all the chairs in a circular arrangement, facing outwards.

Keep a music player on a table in an open space. Turn it on. Post someone near it who can start or stop the music at his/her will.

Make everyone stand infront of the chairs, excluding the one who is in control of the music.

As soon as the music starts, the players must move around the chairs following the rhythm. The moment the music stops, each participant must attempt to sit on one of the chairs. The player who is left standing should be declared OUT.

With one player OUT, remove a chair. Let the music start again. Repeat the game until in the last round there is only one chair left.

NOTE: You must not lose even a second to sit down when the music stops. A minute delay can get you out of the game.

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