Pass The Ball Stop The Music

Pass The Ball Stop The Music

You need: A ball, a table, a chair and a music player.

How to play:

What is a celebration without some cool music to play? Keep a music player on a table in an open space. Turn it on. Post a player near it who can start or stop the music at his/her will. You can call this player the MUSICIAN.

All the remaining players must stand together in a circular arrangement. One of the players must hold a ball.

When the MUSICIAN turns the music on, the player holding the ball should pass it on either to the one standing at his left. The player should pass the ball to the candidate at his/her left (not to the one who has passed the ball) and that candidate to the next one and so on. This should go on until the MUSICIAN stops the music suddenly. The player who is to be found holding the ball at this point should be considered as OUT and he/she should leave the circle to regulate the music. The MUSICIAN should now enter the team to take his/her place. The OUT player can give up being a MUSICIAN and come back into active playing only after another player gets OUT and comes back to take his/her place!

The player who gets OUT twice should not be able to participate anymore in active playing. This should add to the tension factor of the game.

NOTE: All through the game you must be careful not to wait even for a second when it is your turn to pass the ball to someone else.