The Cop

The Cop

You need: A chalk, an open ground free from all obstructions.

How to Play:

1) Using the chalk, draw a line down the middle of the open ground. Have one of the players stand on the line, with his/her face forward, chest expanded and arms stretched out. This player is the "cop" or "police".

2) Make others stand in circular arrangement around the cop (not within touching range). They are the robbers.

3) As the cop shouts "go", the robbers must run from one side to the other dodging the "cop".

4) The cop should try to catch as many players as possible, but moving only along the line.

5) The players who are caught also become cops and forms a team by joining hands. Then they have to catch the other players. It becomes more and more difficult to cross the line.

6) The players who are still free, go from one half of the playing area to the other until the last one is caught.

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