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Father-In-Law Day

Origin of Father-In-Law Day:
Like it's counterpart ...Mother-In-Law Day....Father-In-Law Day was also created by the card companies, most likely the E-card companies.

Make him feel special:
Father-In-Law Day honors that loving, funny, and cheerful old man. Regardless of his personality and charms, this day is dedicated to your spouse's Dad who certainly deserves recognition. Your father-in-law has been your encourager, mentor, and champion. Its that special day for the special man, and an wonderful opportunity to make him feel the same. There are endless ways to celebrate this day-send him a card, spend a little time with him, or give him his favorite snack. Although probably you must have thought of buying some precious gift there are many other things you can do to make it a special for your old man. You can send a special letter of gratitude or an e-card to your father-in-law for welcoming you into his family and supporting you through the years. Gifts are a part of the Day. Finding a gift is quite simple; just think of all the activities the old man enjoys, then surprise him by planning a full day together. While the gift will show your appreciation, it's the time spent together that is to be cherished.

Go Fishing:
Fishing is a good time to revive old memories. It will give you time to spend some time together.So go out and get a boat, buy a hook, line, sinker and tug along your father for a great fishing experience.

Go Golfing:

Whether your dad-in-law is a real golf pro or not, take him out for a day to a golf club and challenge him. The idea is to get him involved intensely.

Serve Breakfast in Bed:

Probably your dad likes to take breakfast in bed. Show him your culinary art and prepare his favorite breakfast with the morning newspaper with some of his favorite music or TV show.

Sign up hobby class:

For years he has been thinking to join some hobby class perhaps to learn piano or lawn tennis or learn golf. Sign him up for the classes and remember to check his work schedule before you sign him up.

If your father-in-law is not alive you can make donations in his name. You can donate money, clothes, toys, food etc.

Watch TV:
 Rent some of your dad-in law's favorite sitcom or movies, prepare popcorns or hotdogs and watch them together.


Take him out to dinner to his favorite restaurant and have some nice time together.

Flower Arrangement:

Can you imagine a world without color? No deep blue sky, emerald green grass or crimson red sunsets? It would be a dull, emotionless environment. With flowers, there's always plenty of color to go around. In fact, flowers are among the most colorful gifts that you can give. Ask your florist to create an imaginative arrangement featuring contrasting color schemes. And instead of the everyday crystal or glass vase, request a colorful ceramic container of some sort.So the list is endless.There are lots of celebration ideas to make Father-in-law Day a special day for the old gentleman. So what are you waiting for-get moving! After all, our loved ones need more of our presence than our presents!
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