Poems on father-in-Law day!

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Father in law Poems

Don't know what your going through
I don't know what to say
I don't know what your feeling
But I do know how to pray
I wish there was a way to help
relieve your tremendous strain
I wish I could wave a magic wand
and take away your pain
There isn't much
that I can do
But try and express
that I love you
Oh father-in-law of mine
don't worry or dismay
soon that day will come
when God helps you on your way
Better days will come to you
and happiness you'll find
our families will come together again
and all that pain will unwind


I know this guy who is stubborn and such, that I love very, very much.
I know that he has always loved me.
I don't need him to say it, you see.
our love for each other is felt in our hearts.
so we know what we feel will never depart.
this man has always been there to teach me to fish and hunt
or to punish me for some stupid stunt.
I try to honor and respect him in all that i do
and make him very proud of me, too.
i've made many mistakes in the past,
but this man's forgiveness is firm and fast.
he has a kind and gentle heart.
his loving guidance i felt from the start.
no matter what he will always be,
the greatest man in the world to me.
I know he's human and has his share of flaws,
but think about it after all,
for what he taught us in the past
are the things that will last and last.
then when our children are all grown,
we can teach them the knowledge that we now own.
for what dad taught us was his legacy,
that we should be proud for the world to see.


I've seen the joy on his face
When his grandson took his first walk
Seen the worry and anxiety
When he listens to all the drought talk
I've watched as he held a kitten
So tenderly in his big, rough paws
Softly stroking, lips curved in a smile
When the kitten bats at a straw
I've seen him laugh at newborn calves
Their antics as they run, buck, and play
And I've seen the tears in his eyes
When things just aren't going his way
Like when he loses a treasured cow
Or there's a calf he was too late to save
Or one of his children gets in trouble
And he has to let them go their own way
He's survived cancer, and other worse fates
And I'm sure glad he's still around
We need his guidance, skill, and wisdom
A better man will never be found
My husband wishes he were half the man
That my father-in-law has become
I agree, and desperately hope
That my children will be like him, some
I wish that I could give him something
For all that he has given me
His knowledge, love, and his youngest son
A place to live and room to breathe
But, there isn't enough money, or words
So I guess all I can do for this man
Is make sure dinner's in the fridge
And let him know, I'm proud to call him Dad.

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