Decorative napkin pockets

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The symbolic interlacing in this pretty heart shaped pouch
makes it appropriate as a Father-in-Law Day gift.
Two shades of silk red, the colors of rose, that bears the theme the best way.

All you need:
one poster board
shredded tissue paper


step 1
Measure and draw a 23x15 cm( 9 x 6 inches)
oblong shape on two different colored
pieces of poster board.

step 2
Cut out the oblongs.


step 3
Fold each piece of card in half width ways.

step 4
Lay the two pieces of poster boards together in an L-shape,
with folded sides facing away from you,
to form a square where they overlap,
and lightly mark in pencil the central point
at the top edge where they meet.


step 5
Along one short edge of each piece of folded card,
measure and mark in pencil two equally spaced 11.5 cm(4-1/2 inches) lines.


step 6
Cut along the marked lines through both layers of card.


step 7
Mark smooth curves at each end of the uncut short side
of each folded piece of card and cut off the corners
to make the rounded top edges of the heart.


step 8
Place the two pieces of card side by side,
with the folds at right angles to each other and facing outwards.
Weave the first strip from the piece over the nearest strip
from the left hand piece, through the second strip.
step 9
Weave the second strip in the same way as the first,
alternating the over and under sequence.
Weave the third strip in the same way as the first.


step 10
Turn the heart over and weave the strips on the underside
in the same way to make a pouch shape at the top of the heart.


step 11
Dab a little glue under the ends of the strips and stick each one down.


step 12
Stick lengths of ribbon to the center back and center front of the heart, on the inside.


step 13
Pack some shredded tissue paper into the heart. A perfect pouch to place the presents.
Well, if the presents don't come handy right away, don't give the empty pouch.
Instead, fill it with quite a few candies.


step 14
Tie the ribbons in a bow to close the packet and hold the stuffs inside.

decorative napkin pockets

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