Multi Eyed Alien Costume for Halloween party, trick or treat, or just a fancy dress party.

Cook up something new. When everyone goes for a witch or ghost, you can be down straignt from space, an alien. Interested? then check out this wonderful face paint costume for parties, fancy dresses, and halloween trick or treat.

complete face

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You will need:

Hairband, or elastic bands.
Bowl of water
Absorbant paper towl
Face paints: (green,blue,white,black,red)
Fine and thick brushes.

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Check the steps below :

face 1

Tie your hair back, and gel them if you want. Then draw four ovals as shown in the picture. It should be of the color you should want yourself to be.

face 2

Now paint outline of a circle around your face, with green color. Do it with a think brush, and apply more than 1 coats if necessery. Clean and dry brush.

face 3

When the paint has dried up, apply white to the eyes, lips, and make the extra eye as shown.

face 4

Allow the white to dry, then paint blue or any other color circles as shown.

face 5

Now make the pupils with black dots. Also make a red line above the eyes and make the eyelashes.

face 6

Close your eyes while your blue irises are made. Make black pupils once the blue paint is dry. Now the multi-eyed alien has arrived.

Wound raffia or any wooly clothes around head and body to form a cloak around the shoulders. Make two pairs of eyes to wear over the head, and also make some more, to cover them under your cloak. So when you open your cloak, those eyes will make many more eyeballs turn out!

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