Frightning Red Devil Mask Craft for Halloween Party Decorations

This mask is not really for wearing, but for decorating walls, tables, and anything that has a plain back. You can also wear it though, by making holes at the sides, and passing a string thru it, but the effect is better, if you can use it as a decorative properly.

You will need:
Posterboard card for template
Pencil, scissors, craft knif Artist's red card
cutting board, scraps of silver wrapping paper, sticky transparent tape,
double-sided tape.

devil mask

Steps are Below:


First cut out a mask template in posterboard card. Then draw around the outline on artist's red card.


Cut out the mask from the artist's red card using a pair of scissors. Carve out the eyes and the nose using the craft knife, stick scraps of silver wrapping paper behind the eyes and he mouth. Now your mask stands ready, just attach it to a dark background (for example, your halloween tablecloth) and enjoy the effects. You can also be more creative and put it in a casarole with other food casaroles, and the guest who opens it thinking it to be food is bound to skip a beat;-)

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