Indian Festivals
Indian Festivals
India is a land of rich and diverse cultural heritage. Though this country is described as a land of many religions and languages, it might well be described as a land of festivals as well. It’s no wonder that that she happily celebrates festivals and holidays which have their roots in different cultures and beliefs. Below given are some of the most popular festivals celebrated all over India. We hope you will enjoy them. Do write to us for your valuable feedback and remember to share the page in your social site networks.

Indian Festivals

April Events

Jhanda Fair Jhanda Fair
(2nd April)
Chaitra Navratri Chaitra Navratri
(13-22nd April)
Gudi Padwa Gudi Padwa
(13th April)
Ramadan Ramadan
(13th April-12th May)
Baisakhi Baisakhi
(14th April)
Rongali Bihu Rongali Bihu
(14-16th April)
Ram Navami Ram Navami
(21st April)
Mahavir JayantiMahavir Jayanti
(25th April)
Hanuman JayantiHanuman Jayanti
(27th April)
kumbh mela Kumbh Mela
(14th January - 27th April)

May Events

May Day May Day
(1st May)
Mother's Day Mother's Day
(9th May)
Eid Ul Fitr Eid Ul Fitr
(13th May)
Buddha PurnimaBuddha Purnima
(26th May)

June Events

Father's day Father's Day
(20th June)

July Events

Rath Yatra Rath Yatra
(12th July)
Pori Festival Pori Festival
(13th July)
hajj Hajj
(17-22nd July)
Eid ul Adha Eid ul Adha
(20-21st July)

August Events

Friendship Day Friendship Day
(1st August)
Maharram Maharram
(9th August-7th September)
Nag Panchami Nag Panchami
(13th August)
Onam Onam
(21st August)
Rakhi Rakhi
(22nd August)
(30th August)

September Events

Ganesh ChaturthiGanesh Chaturthi
(10-19th September)
Phulaich FestivalPhulaich Festival
(17th September)

October Events

Navratri Navratri
(7-14th October)
Durga Puja Durga Puja
(11-15th October)
Dussehra Dussehra
(15th October)
Karwa Chauth Karwa Chauth
(24th October)

November Events

Diwali Diwali
(4-8th November)
Chhath Puja Chhath Puja
(10th November)
Qutub FestivalQutub Festival
(15-18th November)
guru Purab Gurpurab
(19th November)
Guru Nanak JayantiGuru Nanak Jayanti
(19th November)
Gopal Mochan FairGopal Mochan Fair
(21-26th November)

December Events

Mawlid-Al-Nabi Mawlid-Al-Nabi
(12th December)
Kurukshetra-FestivalKurukshetra Festival
(14th December)
(25th December)

January 2022 Events

New Year New Year
(1st January)
lohri Lohri
(13th January)
Pongal Pongal
(13-16th January)
Magh Bihu Magh Bihu
(15th January)

February 2022 Events

Surajkund Crafts MelaSurajkund Crafts Mela
(1st-15th February)
valentine Valentine's Day
(14th February)
Taj Mahotsav Taj Mahotsav
(18-27th February)

March 2022 Events

Shivratri Shivratri
(1st March)
Lathmaar Holi Lathmaar Holi
(12th March)
Holi Holi
(18th March)
Shab E Barat Shab E Barat
(18-19th March)
hola mohlla Hola Mohalla
(18th-20th March)
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