Janmashtami Crossword Puzzle

The beautiful festival Janmashtami celebrates the ascension to earth in human form of Lord Vishnu more than five thousand years ago. It is a time held dear and joyously observed annually not only by members of the Hindu community but also by people of many other religions. Celebrate Janmashtami with our exciting crossword puzzle themed to the occassion and enhance your merriment. This fantastic crossword puzzle activity has skillfully been constructed around Janmashtami and celebrates the spirit of the festival. Try it out to have a great time yourself and click here to refer it to your friends and share the fun with them all. Have a grand Janmashtami celebration.

Crossword Puzzle for Janmashtami

Add to your festive celebrations with this highly entertaining crossword puzzle themed to Janmashtami. To solve this puzzle, you simply need to take out a print of its template provided below, crack the verbal clues and find out the words that are likely to go into the matching boxes of the puzzle. Fill the empty boxes with the right words and decipher the puzzle. Enjoy yourself!

Printing the Template

Click on the template thumbnail to open it in a bigger size in a new window.

On the top left corner of the menu bar of the template window, click File>Page Setup or File>Printer Setup (in most browsers).

Set page margins to zero if you have face difficulties in fitting the template in one page. Click on Print Preview to check out what your printout will look like.

Next, click on the print button above the crossword on the template window. Alternatively, you can click on File>Print.

Close the template window after printing to come back to this screen.

Now that you have the printout of your crossword template, solve the clues and fill in the boxes with the appropriate words. Have fun cracking our enjoyable Janmashtami Crossword Puzzle.

Janmashtami Crossword Puzzle Template
Click here for Janmashtami Crossword

Click here for the solutions

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