Solved Janmashtami Matching Game Puzzle

Here is the solved Janmashtami Matching Game puzzle. Find out if your answers tally with the results given here.

The eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
F. Lord Krishna
The deadly snake whom Lord Krishna subjugated
D. Kalia
The actual mother of Lord Krishna
H. Devaki
The maternal uncle of Lord Krishna who was slain by the god
B. Kans
The lord established this city in Gujarat
J. Dwarka
She was an important consort of Lord Krishna
A. Radha
The sacred knowledge that the Lord imparted to Arjun
I. Bhagvad-Gita
The meaning of the word "Krishna"
C. Dark Blue
The Lord's play/dance with play with the gopis of Vrindavana
G. Ras Leela
A town where Lord Krishna spent his childhood
E. Vrindavan

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