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Patriotic Pebble Craft | Star Wreath | 4th of July Wands | Stained Glass Stars | Patriotic Table Cloth | Uncle Sam Pin

1) Eagle Craft

You need:
Toilet paper roll tube,

Draw an eagle on a piece of paper.
Color the eagle shape appropriately and cut it out.
Glue it around the toilet paper tube, with the tummy of the eagle attached to the front and the tail to the back of the tube.
Apply some glue on the head and fix it onto the front of the toilet paper roll.
Glue the wings onto the back of the tube to give the eagle an impression of flying.
Fold the feet and glue the tabs to the inside of the tube. Your eagle craft is ready. 
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2) Firecracker Craft

You need :
A Dowel rod (of 1" thickness)
Drill (optional)
Red paint
Blue paint
White paint
A Twine piece (of 6" length)
A ribbon piece
A drill

Method :
Cut the dowel rod you have into three pieces of equal length, about 5" or 6" long.
Drill about 1/4" into one end of each dowel piece.
Rub the ends of the dowel rod pieces with sandpaper. You can rub the ends into rounded surfaces.
Paint one dowel rod piece with red paint, another with white and the third one with blue paint. Draw some patriotic designs like stars and eagles on the rods. Allow them to dry.
Now cut the twine into 3 pieces, each approximately 2" in length.
Apply a spot of glue into the end of each dowel rod that has a hole drilled in it. Insert an end of the twine into the hole. Keep aside to dry.
You will now be pleased to find each of the rod pieces taking the shape of firecracker. Tie all three firecracker crafts together and let them stand on the end without the twine pieces. 
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3) American Paper Weight

You need :
A stone with a very smooth surface.
Red acrylic paint,
White acrylic paint,
Blue acrylic paint
A thin paint brush
Clear, spray-on varnish 

Method :
Color the entire stone with a thick layer of white paint.
Paint the entire stone white. Apply two coats if necessary. Let dry.
Once the white paint dries, use the straight edge of a piece of card-stock to sketch the triangular blue edge of the flag on the stone. Color this flag shape with blue paint.
Use a clean edge of card-stock to sketch the red lines of the flag. Paint the lines with the paintbrush you have.
Paint several white stars or one large white star in the blue area of the flag.
When you finish painting, spray-paint the entire stone surface with two or three coats of clear varnish. This will prevent the removal of the paint from the stone surface.
Your paper weight craft is ready. Use it to hold down your important papers. You can also gift it to a dear one on the 4th of July.  

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4) Patriotic Greeting Card

You need :
Blank navy blue card
White textured paper
Metallic silver stars - 1 big, 3 small.
Dark red cardstock
Silver sequin and round bead
Thin silver wire
Stick glue
A large needle for poking hole

Method :
1. Cut a rectangular shape out of the dark red cardstock. Adhere this to your card with stick glue.
2. Cut four strips of textured white paper. Glue attach these in four rows across the card.
3. Poke two holes through the center of the big metallic silver star. See that you make the holes close together.
4. Cut a piece of medium length out of the thin silver wire. Pass it through the two holes on the backside of the star. Then pass both ends through a sequin and then through the bead. Tie the ends together to keep the bead and sequin in place on the card.
5. Glue attach the star onto the red rectangle.
6. Cut the letters J, U, L, Y and the number 4 out of the dark red cardstock. Adhere these on the white paper rows on the card.
7. Now adhere the three small metallic stars to the card. 

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5) Torches

You need:
Old newspapers
Red and yellow tissue paper

Roll old newspapers in a large cone shape. Paint the cones. When dry, stuff with red and yellow tissue paper. to be the "flame" of the torch. Make crowns, and then they can be the Statue of Liberty.  

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6) Flags

You need :
White construction paper
Red strips of paper
Blue colored paper
Star Stickers

Method :
Glue red strips top the white construction paper to make red and white stripes. Then glue a blue square in the top left corner. For the stars you can use white tissue paper, crumpled up, or star stickers. 

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7) Patriotic Pebble Craft

You need :
A smooth, flat clean pebble 
Red, white, and blue tempera paint 
Acrylic varnish or other shiny finish (optional) 

Method :
Choose a smooth, flat river rock. Mark off the area that will be the stars. Use blue paint to color that area. Paint the rest of the rock's top white. Let the paint dry. 
Paint red stripes in the white area .
Paint some white stars on the blue area .
If you want a shiny finish, coat with an acrylic varnish after the paint has dried completely.  

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8) Star Wreath

You need :
Red, white and blue construction paper 
A paper plate 
glitter (optional)

Method :
Cut a large hole in the paper plate. Cut out a lot of stars from red, white and blue construction paper. Glue the stars to the paper plate. You can also give a nice decorative touch by using a glitter. 

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9) 4th of July Wands

You need :
red, white and blue streamers
markers or paint
glue stick
star stickers 

Method :
Fold a large sheet of newspaper into half. Start at one corner and roll into a long stick shape. Tape it. The newspaper can also be colored with markers or paint. Attach crepe paper streamers or strips of tissue paper at one end or anywhere with a glue stick. Decorate with foil star stickers.  

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10) Stained Glass Stars

You need :
white paper
old crayons (peeled)
warming tray
oven mitt

Method :
1. Use the black felt pen to outline a large star on the white paper. The blank space inside the lines will be "colored in" with melted crayon. 

2. Place the paper with the star on the warming tray. Put the oven mitt on the non-drawing hand, hold the paper down with this hand. Using the peeled crayons, color in the star. Working slowly will allow the crayon to melt and soak into the paper. 

3. Remove the paper from the warming tray. Hold the paper up to the light or a window and see the stained glass effect. The star can be cut out and displayed in a window to resemble a stained glass window. 

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11) Patriotic Table Cloth

Make a patriotic tablecloth by sponge painting an old white sheet. Before you start, wash and dry the sheet. Lightly sketch stripes and an area for the stars. Using fabric paint, dab it gently in the areas designated for the stripes. Create the stars by pressing on sticky stars in the appropriate space and sponging over them with blue paint. Then just lift them up to reveal the design. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and launder according to directions on paint container.  

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12) Uncle Sam Pin

You need :
White craft foam 
Wooden craft spoon 
Cotton balls 
Googly eyes 
Self-adhesive pinback 

Method :

1. Cut out a basic Uncle Sam-style hat (about 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide) from white craft foam. 

2. Color the brim blue and draw red stripes on the top by using markers.

3. Glue the hat to the handle of a wooden craft spoon.

4. Glue on googly eyes and a cotton ball beard. Then draw on a small L-shaped nose. 

5. Attach a self-adhesive pinback and your Uncle Sam pin is ready to wear. 

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July 4th Bracelet
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