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Kwanzaa Celebration


Kwanzaa, is an African-American celebration of cultural reaffirmation, is one of the fastest-growing holidays in the history of the world. It took root 30 years ago, when graduate student Maulana Karenga, disturbed by the 1965 riots in Los Angeles' Watts area, decided that African-Americans needed an annual event to celebrate their differences rather than the melting pot. Not a religious holiday, Kwanzaa is, rather, a seven-day celebration that begins on December 26 and continues through January 1.

Kwanzaa is from 26th December, 2023 - 1st January, 2024

About Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Scoop

Kwanzaa wish in Sand
  • History of Kwanzaa
    Know why and how the festival originated and the significance of each of its days.
  • Symbols
    Introduce yourself with the different things that have come to symbolise Kwanzaa.
  • Seven Days
    Know how you are expected to spend the seven days of the Kwanzaa festival.
  • Kwanzaa Feast
    Learn about this fun-filled Kwanzaa tradition and how it is annually observed.
  • Kwanzaa Facts
    Read about some interesting facts on Kwanzaa.
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Kwanzaa Special

Special recipes for Kwanzaa
  • Recipes
    Spice up your Kwanzaa days with these delicious African cuisines appropriate for the festive menu.
  • Books
    Books, music and videos on Kwanzaa - all compiled here for you to buy at cool prices.
  • Kwanzaa Gift Ideas
    Here are some gift ideas for Kwanzaa.
  • Kwanzaa Quiz
    Tickle your brain cells with these wonderful Kwanzaa quiz.
  • Presidential Proclamation
    U.S Presidential proclamation on Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa Activities

Lighting Kwanzaa Kinara
  • Kwanzaa Celebration
    A briel account of how Kwanzaa is celebrated.
  • Greeting Cards
    Send festive wishes to your loved ones on Kwanzaa with these brilliant thematic e-cards.
  • Wallpapers
    Bring the Kwanzaa celebrations alive on your desktop with these pretty wallpapers themed to the festival.
  • Kwanzaa Crafts
    Try out some easy to do crafts made specially to mark the ocassion.
  • Lighting Kinara
    Acquaint yourself with the way kinara is lighted during Kwanzaa.