Kwanzaa Quiz

Kwanzaa Quiz
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Answer the questions below:

1. Kwanzaa was created by--

2. Kwanzaa created in which year?

3. Kwanzaa focuses on how many principles?

4. Kwanzaa in Swahili means—

5. Kwanzaa is celebrated for how many days?

6. December 26 is the starting day of Kwanzaa and it ends on

7. What was issued in 1997 to remember the holiday of Kwanzaa?

8. The great feast takes place on December 31 and is called

9. Kwanzaa have how many fundamental concepts?

10. Kwanzaa has many principles. The first one is

11. Traditional Kwanzaa colors are

12. The traditional red color signifies

13. Kwanzaa depicts the culture and values of--

14. Three of the primary symbols of Kwanzaa are--

15. What is the phrase for the seven principles of Kwanzaa?

16. The candleholder that is used during the Kwanzaa celebration is known as—

17. Kwanzaa adopts much of its structure from which other celebration?

18. Which is the Swahili word recited at every Kwanzaa celebration that means, "Let's pull together"?

19. The pouring of libations is usually performed in honor of our ancestors by—

20. The Karamu is the major Kwanzaa feast held on December 31. Name the song of 1980s that features lyrics about this feast?

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