Kwanzaa Symbols

Here we have listed all the different symbols, and their significance associated with Kwanzaa. Hope it will be useful to you


2. MKEKA - Straw Mat/ Symbolizes our African traditions and history.

3. KINARA - Candle Holder (for seven candles)/Symbolizes the continent of Africa, our place of origin and roots. When putting the candles in the Kinara, the 3 red candles are placed on the left side. The 3 green candles are placed on the right. The single black candle is placed in the center and is the candle which will be lit first. On each day of Kwanzaa a new candle will be lit as a symbol of the Kwanzaa Nguzo or principle of that day. The candles will be lit in alternating colors. First the black candle is lit, then the farthest left red candle, then the farthest right green candle, then the next red, then next green, then the last red, and then the final green.

4. MISHUMAA SABA - Seven Candles (1 BLACK, 3 RED, 3 GREEN)/Symbolize the seven principles of Kwanza.

5. MAZAO - Crops/ Symbolize the historical roots of Kwanzaa as a harvest-type/first fruits celebration.

6. MUHUNDI OR VIBUNZI - Ears of corn (at least one)/Symbolize the offspring the children.

7. KIKOMBI CHA UMOJA - Unity Cup/Symbolizes the First Principle of Kwanzaa and is used for pouring libation.

8. NGUZO SABA POSTER - The Seven Principles Poster/Symbolize the key role they play in kwanza.

9. ZAWADI - Gifts (African history-cultural books and/or heritage symbols) Symbolize the key role of education and culture in Kwanzaa.

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