Gift Ideas for Kwanzaa

Sharing gifts, especially and particularly with the children, is one of the traditions of Kwanzaa. As we know that the creativity is one of the seven striking principles of Kwanzaa, so, it is always prudent and advisable to make a personalized and adequate gift item for the person you love. Obviously, the gift you are packing should match the flavor and theme of the occasion. Some of the gifts that you can think of giving your loved ones are—

  • Unity cup: You can very easily make a unity cup during this occasion by modeling and molding the clayUnity cup properly. You can also decoupage an existing cup. The traditional colors for Kwanzaa like black, red and green can be used to decorate the cup as well. Use spray glue adhesive and colored paper. You can make the cup a bit different by adding various layers suitably using the spray glue adhesive.
  • Homemade Mkeka: Mkeka or the mat can be a perfect gift this year. If you are quite comfortable in sewing then there is no better way than sewing a mat for your loved ones. If you are not used to it then you can buy construction papers of black, red and green colors. Glue those construction papers of different colors suitably and aptly on the mat. Take this mat to any nearby store to laminate.
  • Kwanzaa card: This can make a nice gift item, especially for the little kids. Take a heavyweight card stock. Color of this should be black or green or red, the traditional Kwanzaa colors to match the festive occasion. Use scissors to cut the card stock. Glue colored papers in a way that it looks like an African flag. You can also add different layers of colors to make any other stationary of your choice.
  • Food basket: Probably the best gift is to give some delicious food items in a basket. However, the basket should be decorated with various papers. Paint these papers with traditional red, black and green colors. PlaceKwanzaa food basket the papers in a way that the basket looks wonderful. The handle of the basket should also be adorned with a Kwanzaa color.
  • Kinara candle holder: Decorate a kinara candle holder with colorful papers. Place three red, one black and three green colored candles sequentially in the same order.
  • Books: This is the best item to give to a child. Give a book to a child who can gather knowledge on the African American values and traditions from the particular book.
  • African dolls: Use fabrics for making an African doll. Buy fabrics of black, red and green colors. Sew shirt and trousers for the doll using appropriate colors. Firstly make the front portion of the doll and then make the back pattern. Then sew the front and back patterns of the doll together. Most of the fabric store sell stuffing, otherwise use cotton balls. Use wool for the hair and lips. You can use button for making eyes.
  • Cookies: Place colorful cookies in the basket and decorate the basket with traditional Kwanzaa colors.

Apart from the above home and handmade gifts, you can also give the following gifts which have African touch to the little ones-

  • Folk Art
  • Folktales
  • Pillows
  • Women of Africa CD from Putumayo
  • Beads
  • Games
  • Home decor
  • Woven textiles
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