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New year crafts

New Year is the time for giving and receiving gifts. And what could be more precious if the gifts are made by the giver. Here we present some easy to do yet very decorative new year crafts that your loved ones will love to have or you can have them as your home decoration. If you like the crafts, then please share them with your friends and near ones. And last but certainly not the least have a very successful New Year!

Glass ball ornament

Things needed:
1) Glass ornament ball.
2) Confetti (of various sizes).
3) Curly ribbon strips (in bright colors).
4) Paint marker.
5) Mini Funnel.

Glass Ball Ornaments Instructions:
1. Carefully detach the top of the glass ornament and keep to a side.
2. Place the ribbon and confetti inside using the mini funnel.
3. Put the top back in place on the ornament.
4. Use a paint marker to write the year or date on the ornament. Keep aside to dry.
5. Tie curly ribbons around the top of the ornament (optional).

Homemade Party Streamers

Things needed:
1) Card stock pieces - 4 or 5.
2) Wrapping paper.
3) Monofilament.
4) Thumbtack.
5) Glue stick.
6) Adjustable circle cutter.
7) Jump rings.

Party Streamers Instructions:
1. Apply glue on both sides of card stock pieces.
2. Carefully cover the card stock pieces with wrapping paper.
3. Use adjustable circle cutter to cut out circles (graduating from 2 to 6 " diameter) from wrapped card stock.
4. Punch a hole at the top and bottom of all the circles, barring the smallest one.
5. Make one hole only at the top of the smallest circle.
6. Use jump rings to connect the circles, placing the largest at the top and smallest at the bottom.
7. Make more streamers in a similar manner.
8. Hang each streamer from ceiling using monofilament and a thumbtack.

New Year Shaker

Things needed:
1) One large empty lanyard spool.
2) Foamy Star - 1.
3) Foam Brush.
4) Paint (pereferably red).
5) Curling Ribbon.
6) A handful of beans/beads.
7) A pair of scissors.
8) Glue stick.

New Year Shakers Instructions:
1. Dip the foam brush in paint and colour the spool.
2. Allow the paint to dry for sometime.
3. Glue one end of the foamie star. Stick it over the opening on one end of the spool.
4. Pour a few beans/beads in the other end.
5. Stick a foamie star over this end.
6. Cut long pieces out of the curling ribbon.
7. Tie the ribbon strips to the core of the spool and curl with scissors.

Times Square Ball

Things needed:
1) Styrofoam Ball - 1, of 2½" diameter.
2) Silver Metallic Pipe Cleaners - 10.
3) Crystal Beads - A handful.
4) Silver Glitter Paint.
5) Toothpicks - 8.
6) A long piece of tinsel stem.
7) A pair of scissors.
8) Glitter glue.
9) Hair pin.
10) Paintbrush.

Times Square Ball Instructions:
1. Push eight toothpicks into the surface of the Styrofoam ball.
2. Paint the entire ball with glitter glue. The toothpicks will serve to keep the ball from sticking to your work surface.
3. Keep the ball to a side until the paint has fully dried.
4. Sever the tinsel stem into 1½ strips.
5. Push a bead into the middle of each tinsel stem piece. Twist the stem ends together and push into the Styrofoam ball.
6. Repeat the process until you have beads around the whole ball.
7. Push a hair pin into the ball. This will let you have a loop to attach a string.
8. Make similar balls and hang around your new year party zone. Or you can make one big ball and lower it right at the midnight hour just like the Times Square Ball at New York.