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Party Tips for New Year

New year celebrations and new year parties are synonymous. However, one needs to be meticulous before organizing a party at his or her home. Right from the guest list, to the recipes, we have a planner ready for you, so that you can have a perfect new year party. Check out the content below, and have a great time. Please share the page, so that other can benefit too.


New Year Party InvitationList out the names of the people whom you would invite for the New Year party. Make sure that your invitations are sent much before the big night the simple reason being that most of the partiers make their New Year plans well in advance. The invitations can stand apart on their own, but it would be well to relate them with your dominant party theme. Like, for a party with a clock-theme you can send out invitations shaped like clocks in round boxes bearing the name of the invitee and an image of a clock on top.

To keep your invitations eco friendly, and convenient, take advantage of our free email greeting cards.

Just create one generic card, with the receiver's name as 'Dear Friend' and send it to yourself.

Then, send the Card URL by email, FB, MySpace or by sms to all your invitees.


New Year DecorationsA brilliant decoration goes a long way to create the right ambience and make your party a memorable one and one that stands out. A good decor is a prime requirement for any party, and a New Year Party is not an anomaly. Don't forget to decorate your house according to the theme of the party. It can also be adorned with New Year greetings, banners, bunches of flowers and streamers. Light up the outdoors and indoors of your house to add that extra sparkle to the celebrations.

Take advantage of our extensive new year decorations page that gives you intelligent tips to decorate your homes, dinner tables, walls, windows and new year trees.


Dance PartyParties without music tend to be a somewhat dull affair, moreso a New Year party. Never FORGET to arrange for a good sound system, all the better if it has a sing-along facility. Choose good music numbers prior to the party. Remember that the selection depends not on your choice but the general taste and age of your guests. It is great if you can be the DJ yourself or get a friend to do it for you, but you can always hire a professional if you are ready to spend the extra bucks to make it a grand affair. Have some slow-paced hits play in the background all evening to set the mood for the occassion. As midnight draws to a close, let play some groovy dance tracks to heat things up. Turn your party-zone into a big dance floor. Set it on fire with the latest chartbusters, a must have for such an occasion. You can also organize dance themes. There can be a couple dance or a mat dance. Dance competitions can also be organized among the kids and prizes distributed to the top three performers.


Dinner for New year partyThis is the most crucial part of the New Year party. Say whatever you may, but nothing matters so much to your guests on the New Year Eve as the items on your party dinner menu. Arrange for simple snacks like popcorn and chips if you are having an evening party on Dec 31st. Get a stack of alcoholic beverages in store if you plan to throw a bash only for adults. If your guest list includes kids, stay away from booze and restrict it all to non-alcoholic cold drinks that suit the kids. On New Year, people usually gorge on non-vegetarian food and cocktails. However, you are adviced to keep provisions for non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes so that you are spared the embarrasment of having to see any of your guests leaving on an empty stomach. It is better to know their preferences beforehand, if that is possible for you. Whatever your other dishes be, it is necessary to prepare some of the traditional New Year foods (specially the ones that are thought to bring luck). Black-eyed peas, ham hocks, cabbage, rice, dried red peas, bacon, salted pork and lentil soup are some indespensable cuisines to gorge on in the run up to the big hour. If possible, a buffet should be laid out and menu should be planned according to the tastes and preferences of the guests and children. The New Year special cake should always be served at the end of the dinner.

To help you prepare your menus, and maybe to cook some of them, we have got a collection of New year recipes, in text, pictures and in videos. They are also arranged by the most popular ones, just to make sure that you stay up-to-date in your selection of gourmet.

Party Themes

It is important to base your bash on a particular theme. Having a party theme ensures that you make the arrangements party themeaccordingly. But above all, theme parties are the latest craze and about everyone is throwing one. So why should you lag behind, especially when the occassion under discussion is New year's Eve. You must ring in the new year with style and a theme party lets you do exactly that. Choose from popular New Year themes like "Casino Night", "Dress as a celebrity", "Garden party", "Indoor party", "Go as you like", "Cruise theme", "Retro theme", "70s Disco Theme", "Hollywood theme" or make up your own theme. You can award a prize to the best dressed person thus heating things up.

Whatever theme you choose, remember to feature '' in it. We have got some banners that you can print out even in your home printer, and you can spray paint them or color them if you wish.



party ideas The costumes for your New Year Party depends totally on the theme, if you have any. For a "Rock 'n Roll" theme, go for the typical glitter belt-white boot-white jacket Elvis look. Or you can try the cardboard-nose Pinocchio look if you are planning a "Dress as a cartoon character" theme, something kids will love very much. But if you prefer not to have a theme, you can fix the evergreen suits and gowns dress code or ask your guests to come as they like.

Party Games

party games Games have the wonderful ability to add more fun to a party. Make sure that you involve all your guests in the party games you play. Some exciting and amusing games can keep boredom at bay, make the party atmosphere more lively and fill your guests with the energy and hilarity so needed to make your New Year Bash an affair to remember.

Kids too, have great fun in parties and party games. Check out our party games ideas for kids, to entertain the kids and teens as well. Parental guidance is advised.

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