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New Year Decoration Ideas

New Year is the time when we bid the past year adieu and welcome the year that has come to us with all prospective joys and sorrows with open arms. Thus we let go of the old and embrace the new. We celebrate this time with merriment and parties, sumptuous feasts, dazzling fireworks, beautiful flowers, gifts and... innovative and colorful decorations. Here, at TheHolidaySpot, we provide you with information on and bring to you an ample of variety of easy New Year decorations and decoration ideas. Sparkle your house with all these glittering decorations this New Year. Be the cynosure of all your friends. Get set for a New Year Party bash by giving your party venue a perfect festive look through the decoration ideas given below. If you like them, click here to refer this page to your friends and loved ones.

Decoration Ideas

Table Decorations

table decorationThe table decoration serves to enhance the dining experience of your party. Set out the dinner table with a white cloth to creates a soothing ambience for the party. Place some scented candles in a circular arrangement in the center of the tables with a small vase of red roses in between. If you can afford, you can go in for candelabras for the dinner table decoration. You can use some imagination in the way you arrange your silver or chinaware, keeping them in a floral arrangement or a star shape. Using sparkling napkin rings or fun place card holders can give the table a nice, festive touch.

Streamers, Banners, Greeting Cards and Stickers

streamersHang streamers printed with "Happy New Year" messages from wall to wall of your party zone. Attach one end of some streamers to your ceiling and let them spiral down to different areas of your room. Stick them in place to secure well. Purchase some splendid New Year banners from local stores and hang them down over your doorways to welcome guests to your celebration. Also suspend lovely greeting cards through a passage, stairway or doorway adjoining your party room.

New Year Trees

new year tree One of the most popular New Year decorations that you can choose from. Fir trees form one of the major accessories for New Year decorations. No matter whether it is real or artificial, the fir tree, placed on the center table of our drawing rooms decorated with other decorative items like lights, bells and stars can illumine our houses on New Year and add to the charm of a party on this eve. You can even nestle fresh apples, pears, oranges, lemons in the foliages. Add festive bows to the knick-knacks to get a classic festive look, besides having an easy and economical decoration.

Balloon Decorations:

Any decoration is incomplete if not combined with balloon decoration. Arrange for about 20-30 balloons and place them in abundance across the room and on the dinner tables. balloonGet about a hundred more balloons, pour some confetti into each of them, fill them with helium and let them pile up on your ceilings. Have your guests pop up the balloons as the clock strikes 12 at midnight to create a shower of celebration!

The balloon weights come as multicolored transparent objects that have a sturdy base. They are pyramidal in shape. Some of them are also toffee patterned in order to give you the impression of a candy gift hamper with fluffed ribbons on the top. The economy balloon weights are available in several hues wrapped in shimmering gift paper. The party hat weights come as narrow hooked fedoras with strands of satin thread emanating from the tip.

candle decorationCandle Decor:

Whatever the occasion is, candle decoration is never outdated. So try lighting candles of many hues that will set the right mood for your party. Lighting designer candles bearing the number of the year ahead is a great way to usher in the upcoming year. Make fancy candles and candle holders to set up around the room.


Bingos are often used as gift beautification accessories. The patterns available are the party set which includes the Bingo cage, board, balls and cards. Bingo chips or spotters are used as game markers for special occasions, and come in reusable tubs.


Hang glittering stars made out of paper in each corner of the house and end up with a lovely New Year Decoration, just ideal to set the party mood.


Patriotic New Year themes can use small flags or decorations that use colors of flag as the key colors of your indoor and outdoor New Year decoration.

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes are some of the most popular New Year themes that you can choose from.

Colored Snowflakes

Hang colored snowflakes made out of construction paper; paint on some glue, sprinkle with glitter, and hang them in each corner of the house and end up with the lovely New Year Decoration, just ideal to set the party mood.

Confetti decor

One of the most popular New Year themes that you can choose from. Make your own confetti by using a paper punch on construction paper.

Bell Decor

One of the most popular New Year decorations. You can buy some pretty little jingle bells available in the market. Hang these on the trees or the roof of the party-room. Now hear these chime sweetly and ring in the coming year.

Flower Decor:

flower decorationFlowers are an all time favorite decorative items for New Year. Holly and berry wreaths are made for decorating the main entrance of our houses, while poinsettias, mistletoes, daisies and ivies are used for flower bouquets and decoration of dinner table. Decorative paper flowers can be made or you can cut stars from papers and sparkle it out with various attractive colors. Arrange flower garlands in swags on front door, balconies, railings and mantle. Fresh flower arrangements as table centerpieces are the perfect gift for your host this year. Beautiful flowers can make for a great centerpiece. Add the missing fragrance by placing flower arrangements on table centerpieces.

Light Decor

There are various kinds of New Year lights, which are used to brighten our surroundings on the festive occasion. In our lawns or on the terraces, New Year lights can be patterned in various ways to add charm to our New Year decorations. String small, white Christmas tree lights around the room. If possible, try to use a timer for controlling the lighting of the party venue. Arrange for flash lights and psychedelic if you have plans for a dance party. For a mystic effect place boxes of dry ice that will produce mist without the hazards usually associated with other means. Set up a raised and well decorated lighted platform to place all the presents.

Ribbon Decor

You can hang the bright and colorful ribbons on the ceiling or even across the walls to give a nice look to the party venue. An all-time hit!

New Year Horn

new year hornLastly, never forget the New Year horn, an essential component of any New Year party. Make or buy a number of horns with cardboard paper/toilet paper towel, wax paper and rubber band; hand these to your friends. As the clock strikes twelve, blow these together to usher in- what else? The New Year.

With these New Year decoration items embellish your houses in a special way this New Year. Celebrate this festive season with

New Year Decorations