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Bountiful basket

Bountiful basket is an impressive homemade New Year Craft that can be easily made and can be use as a gift item. And if you like the craft then please share the craft with your friend and near ones.

Bountiful basket

Gifts are always precious. Wrap the bungle of gifts in cellophane if they are too good to hide. Definitely, you need to choose the basket very carefully as it is an integral part of the gift as well. All the gift items should fit in.

You will need:

  • A basket of an appropriate size.
  • A number of colored tissue paper sheets.
  • An assortment of gift items should include herb oils, wooden spoons, whisk, tea towel, pepper grinder, bay leaves, and bouquet garnish.
  • Cellophane wrapper.
  • Red ribbon.
  • Gift tag.
  • Glue gun.

Tip: Place the oil bottles and jars in a slight angle inside the basket to avoid any leakage when they are in transit.

Bountiful Basket

How to do:

  • Place the tissue paper in the bottom of the basket after crunching it up. A number of tissue papers are needed to line the base. A good support and proper cushion are needed for the slender glass items.

  • Packing the basket is as important as choosing the gift items. Larger items should be put in first and the smaller ones around them

  • The cut edges of the basket should be secured with the sticky tapes before wrapping the basket up with cellophane. Cut the red ribbons according to the shape and size of the basket and stretch them across two corners. Secure the back edges with sticky tapes once again. Tie a ribbon bow; attach a gift tag at a suitable position. Use glue gun to attach the bow over the top of the tag.