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Gift for party goer

Make a silk clutch bag step by step with easy guidelines and give yourself a fresh look in the new year party. And please share this craft with your friends and loved ones.

Gift for party goer

Who doesn't want to enter into a New Year party with something which looks fresh and different? Celebrate this New Year party in a bit different way. Enter into the party spirit with this easy to make and striking silk clutch bag. It's a perfect bequest for someone who enjoys dressing up for the party season.

You will need:

  • Rectangle of drapery interfacing (15 inches * 10 inches or 38 cm * 25 cm)
  • 30 centimeters of pale gold dupioni silk- 44 inches or 112 centimeters wide
  • Tracing paper
  • 30 centimeters of cream lining- 44 inches or 112 centimeters wide
  • Tacking thread
  • Gold sewing thread
  • Clear sew-on jewelry stones which have ½ inches or 5 millimeters in diameter- 3
  • Cranberry bugle beads- 24
  • Cranberry rocaille beads- 1
  • Clear sequins- 6
  • Snap fastener

How to do:

  • Start the project by preparing the interface. You have to fold 4 inches (10 cm) at one end of the interfacing forGift for the party goer 1 the flap on the clutch bag and iron along the fold. Do the same thing for the reverse side as well, folding up 5 inches (13 centimeters) for the front of the bag. Iron. Open the interfacing out and make it flat again.

  • Make a rectangle of 17 inches * 12 inches (41 centimeters * 28 centimeters) by cutting it from pale gold dupioni silk. Be careful to pin the interfacing centrally on the fabric with the right hand side of the fabric outmost. The raw edges of the fabric should be folded over the interfacing and tack in place.

  • Trace the beading design. Go over the pencil lines once again on the other side of the tracing paper as well. Pin the tracing on the silk in order to place the pattern lines up along with the front edge of the flap. The design now should be transferred by redrawing the pencil lines. Take the tracing paper away.Gift for the party goer 2

  • Use gold thread to sew the three jewelry stones to the silk (Indicated by the crosses). Complete the beading comprehensively by stitching 12 bugle beads radiating outward from each jewelry stone. Rocaille beads should be sewed along the curved lines. Sew a sequin at each dot with a rocaille bead on top. Haphazardly dot rocaille beads roughly around the design.

  • Make a triangle of 16 inches * 11 inches (40 centimeters * 27 centimeters) by cutting it according to the Gift for the party goer 3mentioned measurements from cream lining. Iron under ½ inches on the raw edges. Pin the lining centrally to the underside of the bag. After that you have to slip-stitch the lining in place.

  • Fold the front portion of the bag. Use matching gold thread while slip-stitching the side edges in together. To strengthen the inner sides of the bag don't forget to over sew.  One part of the snap fastener has to be positioned centrally on the underside of the flap. Sew in place. The other part has to be stitched with the front flap in order to securely close the bag.