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Holly Berry Base

Holly Berry Base

The festive season is celebrated in style by making this fabulous looking centerpiece during this New Year. Welcome guests in your home during New Year and decorate the New Year table with Holly Berry Base.

You will need:

  • 1* 10 ½ * 13 inches sheet of 10-count plastic canvas.
  • Tapestry needle

For the Table Centerpiece

  • For the base- circle of 7-count clear plastic canvas of 9 ½ inches diameter
  • 6-strand cotton embroidery floss
  • 5 skeins in purple
  • 3 skeins in light green
  • 2 skeins in red
  • 1 skein in dark green
  • Florist’s foam- wet type
  • Shallow container
  • Choose suitable candle and foliage

For the serving dish

  • For the base- Circle of 10-count clear plastic canvas of 4.5 inches (12 centimeters) diameter
  • 6-strand cotton embroidery floss
  • 2 skeins in red
  • 1 skein in purple
  • 1 skein in light green

How to do:

For the table centerpiece

Holly Berry Base
  •  Each colored square (see the template) equals one cross-stitch worked over one square of the plastic canvas. You have to meticulously follow the key to use the colors.

  •  See the color chart to make three 10 ½ inches * 2 ¼ inches (25 centimeters * 5.5 centimeters) strips using all six strands of embroidery floss in the needle.

  • Complete the cross stitching carefully. After that, you have to cut the strips out leaving various holes which were not in use.

  • Join the strips together into one length using purple thread by cross stitching. Mark the place where the seam falls for the snug fit, after fitting the strips around the circular base. If required then work extra squares in purple to fill. To make a circle you have to stitch the ends together.
  • To fit the base, you need to trim the circle of plastic canvas properly. Over sew the border onto the base using six strands of red, carefully work through the left alone holes. It’s time now to complete the top edge by over stitching through the left alone row of holes in red.
  • Use a shallow container to place a piece of soaked florist’s foam securely. In order to place the candle firmly in its proper position, push it into the center. After placing the container in the embroidered base, add flowers and foliage of your choice.

 For the serving dish

Work as directed for the table centerpiece, repeat the design as required on two 8 inches * 1 ½ inches (20 centimeters * 4 centimeters) strips. Take a measurement of 14 ¼ inches * 1 ½ inches (38 centimeters * 4 centimeters) to create a strip for the dish border.

Tip: Plastic canvas makes an inflexible structure. Canvas is available in various counts. However, here in this project 10-count is used for the stitching while the base is stitch less 7-count radial circle. The canvas is durable and is ideal for boxes as the various sheet sizes are available. Make sure to work with all six strands of strand cotton or use tapestry wool to cover the plastic up.

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