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Tastefully Done

This New Year surprise your friends and loved ones with this craft that is very easy to make and yet very usefull as a homemade kitchen and garden gifts. And if you like the craft then feel free to share them with your near and dear ones. And have a Happy New Year!

Tastefully Done

A natural theme would be just perfect for a homemade kitchen or garden gifts. The appeal of the gift increases with fresh herbs or plants. Keep them upright and protected in a raffia-tied paper bag.

You will need:

Tastefully Done
  • Brown paper bags along with a handle
  • Craft knife.
  • Natural raffia and green garden twine
  • Pine cones and sprigs of fir or even non-natural leaves
  • Glue gun

Tip: It is very important to use this kind of wrapping while packing large items, as smaller ones can fall apart once the bag is knocked over. Use different colored paper bags, ribbons and decorations as they look colorful and beautiful. Plain paper bags with jolly motifs have an appeal to the large number of people.

How to do:

  • Measure 5 cm down from the top end of the bag. Sketch a faint line across the bag using a pencil and a ruler. Use the craft knife to make four evenly placed holes along the pencil line cutting through both the sides of the bag.

  • Two pieces of raffia and one of the green twines have to be twisted. Tie knots at both the ends. Put all the items in the bag.

  • Thread the raffia in and out of the four holes. Start threading in the middle and continue working towards one edge. The raffia should go round each outside edge of the bag. Tie them in a bow after finishing both the ends and get back to the middle. Tie additional raffia strands in the region of the front row. Finally, it’s time to use glue gun and attach pine cones and sprigs to them.

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