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Ramadan Crafts

Ramadan is an occasion to celebrate the revelations of Quran. So celebrate the month of Ramadan with creative fun.

Craft Ideas for Ramadan

Ramadan Crafts

Make a Ramadan collage

All you need:
pictures of mosques, minarets,
blue, black and white construction papers
Star stickers
gold and silver glitter


Let imaginations have free reign! You can either cut out the shapes using tracing papers on the images you've already collected. Or you can go for full fledged collage by tearing paper into small pieces. And, then assemble them into the shape of familiar Ramadan signs. For instance, cut out the shape of the crescent moon from the white construction paper. Make stencils of mosques and minarets with the help of translucent tracing papers. And cut out shapes from the black construction paper using the stencil.

Cut out a long strip of blue construction paper. Glue the white moon. Do it in a way so the moon tilts up sideways. Fix up plenty of star stickers, including one a little above the crescent moon. Create a skyline of silhouetted mosques and minarets jutting out their heads along the bottom line of the blue banner. based on Ramadan theme. And you can even fix it by tapes on the wall of your home.

Take a few small strips of blue paper. Write Ramadan with the help of a thick brush dunked in glue in various styles. Now pour plenty of glitters over the words. Fine tune the glittery Ramadan with a clean piece of cloth and finger tip.

Leave it to dry. And fix the banner on the wall.

Mobile moon and stars

This is to add glitter to your Ramadan celebration

All you need:
Thin poster board
gold and silver spray paint
gold and silver glitter
plastic covered florists' wire
fishing line or similar nylon cord


Draw few stars and moons on the card. It may be easier to make a template of the star and crescent moon shapes first and trace them onto the poster board.

Carefully cut out the shapes with a pair of sharp scissors.

Spray the stars with gold spray paint and moons with silver spray paints. Make sure the surface you are working on is protected and that the area is well ventilated. Also take care so your eyes are protected. And the spray is kept at a safe distance from your face.

When the spray paint has dried, cover one side of a star with a thin layer of glue. Sprinkle glitter onto a sheet of paper. Use the silver glitter for the moons and gold glitter for the stars. Then press the glued side of the star into the glitter. Repeat the process for the other side. Cover all the stars and moons with glitter in the same way.

To assemble the mobile, cut two long pieces of wire of equal length and two shorter pieces of wire of equal length.

Tie the shorter pieces of wire of equal length. Tie the shorter lengths together with fishing line or similar nylon cord where they meet in the center.

Curve the wires down to form an umbrella shape.

Use a large needle to pierce a hole through one point of each star. And the tip of each half moon shape. Attach a length of nylon cord to the middle and the top of the wire and hang the mobile in place.

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