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Try these Quiz out for an Eid break!

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar when almost every Islamic soul observes a day long fast followed by Iftar. However this month long severance is gladly broken by a grand and sumptuous feast. So test yourself and how much you know about Islam and its attached rituals. Answer these simple questions and check if you really acquainted with the culture. If you are being able to answer correctly, you’ll soon get to see the word “correct” just adjacent your answer, else keep on trying as many times you want. So want are you waiting for? Try out answering the questions and see how much you know about Ramadan.

Eid Quiz

correct on first try

Answer the questions below:

1. Ramadan is celebrated to commemorate which of the following events?
2. What does Eid-ul-Fitr mean?
3. Where was Prophet Muhammad born?
4. Which of the following is NOT associated with Ramadan?
5. From whom did Muhammad receive the verses of God inscribed in Quran?
6. Islam is based on Five Pillars of Faith. To which one Ramadan fast belong?
7. Which of the following is not prohibited during Ramadan?
8. Which of the following is not a part of the Five Pillars of Islam?
9. What is meant by the word Muslim?
10. What is the language of Quran?
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