The solved puzzle:

1) Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the U.S. on this day H. The fourth Thursday of November.
2) Cornucopia I. A horn-shaped container.
3) Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Canada on this day F. The second Monday of October.
4) The Pilgrims sailed for America in this year B. 1620.
5) The Pilgrims were assisted by this Native American tribe G. Wampanoag.
6) Thanksgiving Day is C. A Harvest Festival.
7) The first Thanksgiving feast was held in A. 1621.
8) The first Thanksgiving Day was held in E .El Paso, Texas.
9) The first U.S president to issue the first Thanksgiving Day proclaimation J. George Washington.
10) Every U.S president is presented with this on each Thanksgiving Day D. A live turkey.

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