Thanksgiving Around the World | Thanksgiving Tradition

Would you like to know how Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world? Or, what are the countries that celebrate Thanksgiving?
You will be surprised to know that a lot many countries celebrate Thanksgiving around the world than you thought of. In different parts of the world, it may be known by different names, the customs and traditions may vary, and the dates as well may differ, but in essence, it is a harvest festival, and hence celebrated across the world by different countries.

This is How Thanksgiving is Celebrated Around the World

The festival of Thanksgiving is predominantly celebrated in the United States and Canada, but its impact is felt throughout the world. Thus celebration of Thanksgiving is all over the world. Enlighten yourself about the observance, traditions and customs which are associated with celebration of this particular festival in different parts of the globe. Just scroll down, to know about the Thanksgiving traditions in 22 different countries:

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