Thanksgiving Food trends of 2022

Once again Thanksgiving is knocking at our door and no points for guessing that we all are prepared to have a blast this year as well.

It is our earnest effort to help you savor the taste of some of the delicious foods reading the instructions of the mouthwatering recipes and also we are going to recommend some delicious dishes as well.

This is an earnest effort to let you know about various food trends of 2022 Thanksgiving. Recipes of some exciting and lip-smacking dishes are coming on your way this year. Just click on the trends in bold to get to see the yummy recipes.

The inclusion of the Vegetarian Main:
It is noticeable that many are looking for vegetable recipes this year where as previously preparation of turkey had to be there in recipes. So, a new category, Vegetarian Main, is added in order to satisfy the people who all want to have meat free dishes.

Pie for you:
Yes, the recipes for cakes had outnumbered those for pies in the previous year. But, trends change almost every year. The same thing has happened in 2022 as well. Recipes of pie are back with a bang this year.

Who wins: Pecan or Pumpkin?
This year people are divided into two categories, one is looking for pecan while others prefer to have pumpkins. However, this was not the case previously. Apple, as always, is the most preferred and popular in Thanksgiving desserts.

Cranberry Sauce Gets Gingery:
It is true that the combination of citrus (mainly orange) and cranberry are very important for making chutneys and cranberry sauces but this year a number of recipes feature ginger.

Green Beans and Brussels sprouts are back in business:
Recipes which feature Green Beans and Brussels sprouts are in demand this year.

Corn is out again:
The importance of corn at the Thanksgiving dinner table is enormous. People like the taste of corn in 2022 as well.

Year for Mushrooms:  
Even though the dishes with Mushrooms were not very popular last year but this year the picture is different altogether. Many of the recipes feature Mushrooms.

Make this Thanksgiving very special with the luscious and yummy dishes. Enjoy the warmth and togetherness along with the delicious delicacies.

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