Have a green Thanksgiving

How about having a green, eco-friendly Thanksgiving celebration this year, and doing your small bit to help Mother Nature in the process. Here are some easy tips to have a green Thanksgiving, and to vindicate that you care. Remember to share this page in your social site networks.

1. Plant a tree:
It may seem very trivial at first, but it is one of the best thingsplant a tree you can do to help nature. If you donot have your own garden, organize a tree planting festival at a public garden taking the required permissions, or at an interested friend’s garden. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, about 26 pounds a year, and gives enough oxygen a family of four may need in an year to survive.

2. Shop for locally grown items
Try and shop for food items that are packed within 100 miles of your place of consumption. This is will ensure lesser traveling of the ingredients, and hence less carbon print.

3. Go Organic
Organic food Organic is the way to grow. Shop for organic food (the package should announce it), or organically fed turkeys, or both. They are a tad expensive, but you are making a big difference and are also buying healthier food.

4. Celebrate at home
This will ensure less traveling and hence less pollution. Also invite your neighbors for a joint celebration and multiply the good effect.

5. Cook as per requirement
cook as per requirementsRemember what happened last year. You had a host of leftovers. Use that experience, and cook judicious amounts, so that there is lesser wastage. Do not store the leftovers; instead feed them to people and animals who needs them. You will have the double benefit: the pleasure of feeding the hungry and not using the refrigerator and saving on electricity consumption.

6. Vegetarian Thanksgiving:
If you can withstand the lure of roasted turkey, then this is a very good option, both for your health and for nature.

7. carbon credits
If you are flying to reach home for thanksgiving, then do your bit by buying carbon credits.

8. Reuse, Recycle
Recycle as if there is no tomorrow, and reuse as much as possible. Userecycle paper napkins that can be washed and reused, for example.

9. Say thanks, and say your prayers
Cultivate your spiritual side and say your prayers. Say Thanks!

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