Egyptian Harvest Festival

Egyptian Harvest Festival

The ancient Egyptians were always ready to party and celebrate. In fact almost all the days in the year they seemed to be celebrating something or a god. The celebration of the spring-time harvest festival in Egypt was dedicated to ‘Min‘. Min was their god of vegetation and fertility. In Egypt, spring was the harvest season and this was the time to hold the festival. The people specially the Pharaoh (the most powerful person in ancient Egypt) took part in parade during this festival. After the parade, the great feast was held. People also used to take part in music, dancing and sports which were a part of the celebration.

When the Egyptian farmers completed harvesting their corn, they used to cry and pretend to be a grief-stricken. This was done to mislead the spirits of which they believed lived in the corn. The farmers had the fear that the spirits might become angry when they cut down the corn on which the spirits used to live.

Min - The Egyptian God

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