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Thanksgiving is not a traditional Greek holiday, as it is primarily associated with North American traditions. However, in recent years, with a growing international and expatriate community in Greece, some individuals and communities, particularly those with ties to the United States and Canada, have started to celebrate Thanksgiving. Here's how Thanksgiving can be celebrated in Greece by those who choose to do so:

Private Gatherings: Expatriates and their families often celebrate Thanksgiving in Greece by hosting private gatherings in their homes. They invite friends, family, and fellow expatriates to share a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner: The centerpiece of the celebration is the Thanksgiving meal, which typically includes roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and various side dishes. Expatriates may also incorporate traditional dishes from their home countries.

Finding Ingredients: Expats may need to search for specific ingredients for their Thanksgiving meal, as some traditional items may not be readily available in Greek grocery stores. Specialized international markets or online stores may be a source for these ingredients.

Cultural Exchange: Celebrating Thanksgiving in Greece can lead to a cultural exchange. Local friends and colleagues may be curious about the holiday, and some may join in the celebrations to learn more about North American culture.

Expressions of Gratitude: The essence of Thanksgiving is expressing gratitude, and expatriates take a moment to reflect on the things they are thankful for, whether it's the opportunity to live in Greece, the support of their local community, or the chance to share their culture with others.

Charitable Acts: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, some expatriate communities in Greece may also organize charitable activities to give back to local Greek communities. This can include food drives, volunteering, or fundraising for charitable causes.

While Thanksgiving is not a part of Greek culture, the expatriate community in Greece has created its own way to celebrate this holiday, emphasizing the values of family, gratitude, and cultural exchange. It serves as a reminder that even far from home, the spirit of Thanksgiving can thrive and be shared with those from different backgrounds.

Worship of Demeter as their goddess of all grains seems to have occurred primarily in connection to natural fertility. Every year during autumn, the festival of Thesmosphoria was held to honor the goddess.

On the very first day of the festival, Married women build leafy shelters and furnish them with couches which were made with plants. On the Second day, they had a fast. On the third day, a feast was held and they offer gifts of seed corn, cakes, fruits, and pigs to the goddess Demeter. They had a hope that Demeter who was their god would grant them a good harvest.

Greek Goddes - Thesmosphoria

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