Portuguese Harvest Festival

One of the most important harvest or thanks-giving festivals in Portugal is the ’Festa dos Tabuleiros’ which is also called ‘Festival of the Trays’. Festival of the TraysThis festival takes place every four years, in the month of July. The fiestas das Vindimias festival which is held in the beginning of September is the other traditional harvest festival in Pamela (A town and a municipality in Portugal) which is near Lisbon (Lisbon is the capital city and largest city of Portugal). This festival lasts for 5 days. The festival includes the wine harvest and this is an excellent opportunity to get to know some of its magnificent wines. There are also good things to eat such as the famous little Azeitão cheeses. This is a festival for all the family and it includes children’s activities, sports events, different thematic expositions, wine tastings, wine sales and evening music shows.

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