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Zambian Harvest Festival

Exploring the Significance of the Harvest Festival in Zambia

Harvest Festival Celebration in Zambia

The Harvest Festival in Zambia is one of the popular and entertaining festivals celebrated in the country. The country of Zambia is located in the Central part of Africa. The culture of the country has the great influences of the neighbouring regions and the Harvest Festival of Zambia provides a glimpse of the diverse culture of the region.

The Harvest Festival of Zambia is one of the interesting and popular festival and is celebrated on the 24th day of the month of February. The festival is the celebration of the Ngoni people. The Ngoni people occupy the Eastern province of the country. The Ngoni people are believed to inhabit the region of Zambia from 1835. The Harvest Festival in Zambia is held every year in Mutenguleni, which lies 15 kms south-west of Chipata. The Festival is celebrated according to the Ngoni tradition. In the Ngoni tradition, the Paramount Ngoni chief offers the first harvest of the season. This offering of the Paramount Ngoni chief is celebrated as the Harvest Festival in Zambia.

The Harvest Festival in Zambia is also marked by local dance and music. During the festival twelve local chiefs from the Eastern Province of the country assembles at the venue with their troops of finest dancers. These dancers perform the local dances of the region which is enjoyed by all spectators of the region. Each of these dance troops perform before the Paramount chief, and the chief selects one group as the best warrior dancers and gives them award. The Paramount chief not only selects the best dance troop but also takes part in dancing. The chief is offered the blood of the cow which is killed at the N'cwala and is a symbol of the first harvest food. This offering of the blood is also considered as the blessing of the people of the region to start harvesting and eating. There are several colorful Festivals in Zambia that are the source of entertainment for the people of this region.

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