Thanksgiving Dinner

Below are ideas given to make your thanksgiving dinner more colorful, creative, and special. Whether you are keeping it a family event, or inviting guests, they are sure to make the event very special.

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

You will need:
Plain white table cloth
Fabric paint
Printing items- here are some suggestions:
Use potatoes to cut desired shapes into and use to print on the cloth.
Sponges- these can also put cut using scissors to make a great print for example a pumpkin.
Corn Cob

For a nice flat surface to work on wash and iron the cloth first.
Place the cloth on a clean wide space and lay down protective newspaper.
You can use a paper or styrofoam plate to put the paint on.
Try and choose fall colors and colors that bear the message of Thanksgiving to you- gold, brown, green, orange, red etc...

Nature print: Trace pics of characters like turkey(s), the face of native Indians from any book and use pencil to print them on the material through the tracing paper.
If you want to include leaves as a print item you can get them from outside your house and trace them right on the material with a pencil and paint later. The more characters the more diversity. But don't make it look clumsy and cluttered.

Thanksgiving Placemat

Large sheet of construction paper - 1

Construction paper to cut out dinner items
White craft glue or a glue stick
Magic markers
Laminate to cover the placemat when it's finished

First decide the spot to place the dinner items. You might want to gently sketch or mark where this will be on the large piece of construction paper.
Draw the items to be included on the placemat and cut them out. Then glue them to the large sheet of construction paper.
Do any writing or any other decorating. Like the drawings of some of your favorite people who might attend the dinner, the date, the name and so forth. When all these are done laminate them on the placemat.


You will need:
Paper Plates
Markers/Crayons/Colored Pencils
(Optional: leaves, acorns, goofily eyes and glue)

For each turkey, you need one paper plate. Place your hand in the center of the paper plate, spread out so your fingers are separated. Trace your hand with a pencil. If you need help doing this, ask a parent or older sibling to trace.
Carefully cut out the hand on the plate. The thumb is the head of the turkey and the fingers are its feathers.
Use markers, crayons or colored pencils to color your turkey. Be sure to include eyes on your thumb so your turkey can see.
If you're feeling very creative, use leaves or acorns on the fingers for feathers and paste goofily eyes on the turkey. You may need to have two plates for that to support everything.
Put your turkey on display on the fridge so everyone in the family can see what you made!

You can also use this idea to make waste plates for thanksgiving dinner. After you make the outline, don't cut it out, rather color it inside. You can also stick the cut outs you have made inside a plate to turn them in thanksgiving waste dinner plates.

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