Children love to laugh with jokes. They like to be astonished with surprises: Sudden noises in the middle of a dark night, being jumped out and being offered something mushy, fuzzy or wriggly to grasp. The surprising and scary events always impress little kids.

There is nothing entertaining than a nutty surprise. Ask the child to open his hand and hand over the gift to him. Suddenly a rubber snake jumps out of the pack. However, it is totally safe. The snake is not scary enough and definitely is not going to bite the child. It’s an unexpected action of the rubber snake. It jumps out of the pack and surprises the child.

Isn’t it just perfect for a quick Thanksgiving Day surprise? This can be done with your mom, dad, brother or sister. Just stand quiet in a corner and enjoy the fun. The snake pops out of the pack and it’s time to watch the million dollar expression on the face of you near and dear once. It’s fun.


You need:

  • Few walnuts.
  • A small piece of colored material which has a shape of 3 x 1 ½ inches
  • Few wide rubber bands.
  • A roll of double-sided sticky tape
  • Glue
  • A small and thin cardboard
  • Scissors
  • A pack of colored felt tip pens
  • A knife
  • A part of sandpaper


The most difficult part of this project is to split the walnut without breaking the shell. The best possible solution of this problem is to sit with a number of walnuts and split each one. Eat it and continue splitting until you get the walnut which has an unbroken shell after splitting. If you are not confident enough to split it precisely, then it’s always wise to ask an adult to do the task for you.

Figure 1
Figure - 1

Figure 2
Figure - 2

Figure 3
Figure - 3

Figure 4
Figure 4


  • Two shell halves need to be hinged. Take a look at the project picture (fig. 1) and working drawings (fig. 2) for doing it perfectly. See how the rubber snake is forced into the bottom half of the little nut box in zigzag fashion.
  • Once you are sure about the exact procedure of completing the project then spend your time to split the walnut properly without breaking or damaging the shell.
  • The aim is to have two completely empty shell haves. To get it done you have to pick and remove bits and pieces of walnut (fig. 3, top left).
  • Coat a small amount of glue inside the shells and hinge them together with the piece of material. Arrange the fabric and press well into the shells to stick both the halves of shell nicely together (fig. 3, top right).
  • Cut the two thick rubber bands and cut each band once. The double sided sticky tape should be used to stick the bands back to back to make it thicker (fig. 3 bottom).
  • Place the little forked paper tongue at the “head” end between the rubber strips. Attach the “tail” down into the bottom of one of the shell halves (fig. 4, top).
  • Cut a cardboard in the shape of a little circle. It should fit properly into the shell box. Each side of the cardboard should be adorned using felt tip pens with a large snaky eye (fig. 4, bottom left).
  • At the time when the glue is set, the rubber snake is forced into the bottom half of the shell box, a snaky-eye disk of card is used to cover it up, the shell lid is closed then you are ready for the action (fig. 4, bottom right).


  • Jokes are fun but only if everybody is in the mood of enjoying.
    Be warned: You should not do this if there is an old member present in the home. It’s better to ask your parents before doing this.
  • Look for the sharp little pieces of waste shell. But, you should keep them away from small pets and babies.
  • If you organize the whole act in a proper way then strap it up with another rubber band.

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