Textured Candle Holders

We are providing you the most exquisive way to create your own candle holder and textured it in your own fastionable condition. It is recommended that only certain materials would be required for your own Benefit. Enjoy creating your own beautifull candle holders.

textured candle holderTextured Candle Holders

You will need:

  • 3 wooden hand rails spindles (use various styles)
  • One ball cup
  • Wooden glue-nos:
  • 1 candle cup
  • 12 doll heads 1inch (12mm)
  • 8 doll heads (1 and a quarter inches or 32 mm)
  • 3 round circles (57 mm)
  • 1 cube (51 mm)
  • 1 powder box lid
  • 4 blocks (70 mm X 70mm X 19mm)
  • 1 block (89mmX89mmX19mm)
  • Folk art metallic paints:
  • antique copper
  • Pure gold
  • Folk art artist pigments:
  • Pure black
  • Pure Magenta
  • True burgundy
  • Yellow core
  • 12 mm flat brush
  • 19 mm stencil brush
  • 25 mm flat brush
  • A hand saw
  • Medium grate sand paper
  • Tack cloth
  • Wood glue
  • Hi gloss spray Celler


1. Using a hand saw cut the railing into pieces of 5 various heights. Vary where the cuts are made to create interests. Sand smooth, then use wood glue to assemble parts to create the candle sticks. Refer to the photo for ideas. When the glue is completely dry, paint the entire surface of each candle holders with two coats of pure magenta, sanding lightly between coats.

2. Using the 19mm stencil brush, pounce true burgundy over the pure magenta on each of the candle holders, to create areas that appear marbled. Take care not to cover all of the pure magenta under coat. While the paint is still wet, pounce yellow core over the first two colors, allowing the colors to blend, to create some lighter and some darker areas.

3. Trip the candle holders using antique copper and pure gold. Refer to the photo for the specific color placement on each candle stick. But remember that your candle holders may not configure the same way as the photos, as each craft would be different and unique. However, they would be similar.

4. Finally spray the candle holders with two coats of high gloss spray cellar.

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