Thanksgiving Entrance Decoration


Create a warm and thankful holiday mood by decorating your doorstep with nature's bountiful harvest.


Cornucopia Or Baskets
Yellow And Orange Christmas Tree Lights
Ears Of Indian Corn
Plain Wooden Wreaths
Pine Cones
Oak Leaves
A Yard long Velvet Ribbons


Purchase a cornucopia (horn of plenty) basket and arrange pumpkins, corn, gourds, apples and nuts inside so that some of them are spilling out onto the walkway.

Create garlands of autumn leaves and orange and gold Christmas lights and wrap them together around any poles or columns.

Place pumpkins, stalks of Indian corn and gourds along the edges of walkways and steps.

Buy a plain wooden wreath and decorate it with artificial autumn leaves, nuts, pinecones and berries. Add a fall-colored velvet bow.

Hang the wreath on the door.

Tie around orange and gold lights in any trees or plants near the doorway.

Wrap garlands of artificial autumn leaves in the branches along with colored lights if some of your trees are bare from cold weather,

Make sure none of your decorations block the peephole in your door.

Check to make sure that your outdoor decorations are not in the direct line of your sprinklers.

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