Thanksgiving Interior Decorations for your home


  • Candles
  • Apples
  • Thanksgiving Figurines
  • Nutcrackers
  • Thanksgiving Candle
  • Adhesive Dough
  • Miniature Pumpkins
  • Fall-hue Toss Pillows
  • Potpourri
  • Baskets
  • Fallen Leaves
  • Nuts
  • Decorative Buckets
  • Copper Or Gold Metallic Spray Paints
Snap your living room out of the fall doldrums with these easy, inexpensive Thanksgiving decorating tips.


Think in terms of appropriate colors for holiday decor: lds, burnt oranges, terra cotta, honey browns, olive greens, rusty reds. Put away accessories (vases, flower arrangements, candles, etc.) that are in pastels or tropical hues. Set out toss pillows in fall colors on sofas and easy chairs. For instance, if your sofa is pastel - say, peach and blue - go with pillows in rust; if it's pale sage or turquoise, go with gold pillows. Change potpourri from floral to a fall scent.

STEP 1: Attach fall leaves (you can spray-paint these metallic gold or copper) to picture and mirror frames and lamp shades using sticky tack from an office supply store.

STEP 2: Create table decorations that say fall and Thanksgiving: a tiny bucket or basket of acorns and fall leaves, a scented votive candle in a candleholder hollowed out from the center of an apple or miniature pumpkin. A nut bowl with a cracker is also appropriate. Add inexpensive Pilgrim or turkey figurines or candles to your table to underscore the theme.

STEP 3: Post kids' Thanksgiving art projects in windows, under glass tops of furniture and, using sticky tack, on walls. Tips & Warnings Set your miniature pumpkin or apple candleholders on a saucer to protect the tabletop from the candle's hot wax and the produce juices.
Spices and spicy citrus are among the best fall scents for candles and potpourri.

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