Thanksgiving Wreath

Making a Thanksgiving wreath can be a lot of fun, not to mention the money that you can save doing it yourself. There are a few things that you will have to buy, but it is lot less money to make it yourself. This wreath can be made as early as the first of September and also used for the Fall season right up to Thanksgiving day. You will need a big grapevine wreath about fifteen inches in diameter. You can buy these in any crafts store ready to decorate and they range in price from five to ten dollars. While you're in the crafts store, find these items that

you will need to make your wreath:
Grapevine wreath
Glue gun
Plastic or cloth pumpkins (various sizes)
Flowers (these are little bunches of assorted cloth sunflowers)
Pine cones (these can be bought or you can go to your local park and find a few. Just make sure they are small to medium in size)
Indian corn (you can buy this in the craft store and grocery store but the plastic corn is better because it will last forever)
Stuffed animal (Try to find a stuffed animal, like a bear that has fall colors in it . This can also be bought in the crafts store. The stuffed animal should be about twelve inches high.)

Bring everything home and find a flat, large working surface. Lay all of your items out on the table. Begin with the grapevine wreath. The first thing to put on the wreath is the bear so that you will have a good idea where to put the other items around it. Glue a three by two inch piece of wood onto the wreath. This will be used to secure the bear onto the wreath. Make a small slit in the material of the bear and slip it inside the material so that the bear will not fall off of the wreath.

Now, glue all of the pumpkins onto the wreath spacing them about three inches apart. Then, glue the Indian corn onto the wreath, then glue the pine cones onto the wreath.

Next, place the small bunches of sun flowers all around the wreath in the empty spaces. The more flowers you have the more beautiful your wreath becomes. Now your wreath is starting to look like a professional florist made it.
Last but not least, the finishing touches. Take your ribbon and make a big beautiful bow. Leave the ends hanging down and make a v shape cut into the ends. Put a spot of glue the size of a dime in the very middle of the back of the bow and place it at the top of your wreath. You're finished and you have a wreath that looks like it cost at least a hundred dollars.

Place it on your front door to greet all of your Thanksgiving guests. You'll get a lot of compliments on this wreath.  

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